Between Friends

Now that I know Peter Robinson is in the mood for some advice, I think I’ll continue where I left off…
Dear Peter,
I know yer girl Diane didn’t show my lady any love after the count, Robbo (can I call you that, now we’re friends?) but I’m not gonna charge you for the pearl of wisdom you picked up earlier, nor those to follow. But after that, I’ll be expecting some cash to change hands, brown/ white envelope I don’t care, and it’d better pass the silent collection test…
P.S. Are you seriously going to inflict Nelson McCausland on us? Other than providing an ideal context for Primary Five teachers to teach irregular comparative adjectives (Edwin was ‘bad,’ Gregory was ‘worse’ but….) I can’t think of why you’d do this….but then again, maybe I can. It seems you didn’t really get the gist of my post after all.

  • John O’Connell

    yer girl … my lady

    subtle racism

  • Jim Allister’s Bald Patch

    Maybe the individual using the pseudonym “??” was Pete? That particular individual was unduly optimistic about wee Diane’s chances.

  • labourNIman

    Wow talk about a bit of press going to someones head..

  • Modernist

    Explain what you mean by subtle racism? John O’Connel

  • Chris Donnelly

    As Modernist says, please do. Can’t wait for that explanation!

    cut me a bit of slack- just a wee bit, mind you…

  • John McIlveen

    Ach, come on now people…

    Putting Nelson McCausland in charge of Culture, Arts and Leisure would be like putting someone in charge of the Environment who had an ignorant approach to possible human involvement in hurting the planet!

    Oh.. no… wait

  • John O’Connell


    It’s self explanatory. The unionist is a girl, not even a woman, whereas the Shinner is a lady, more than even a woman. If that was portayed in an Alabama film, it would be colour racism. If it was coming from the BNP about immigrants to UK, it would be another form of racism.

    Coming from a Shinner about someone from a British race background as opposed to an Irish race background it’s little more than racism even if most people might call it a sectarian post.

  • Driftwood

    Bit pedantic john.
    Though Chris Donnelly on a recent thread referred to the shadow cabinet as a bunch of sectarian murderers, when I queried his remark….silence.

    He’s good at lobbing grenades, not receiving them.

  • democrat

    Just after reading an article on the Ballymoney Times website where John Finlay of the DUP calls on people attacking Orange Halls to be ‘eradicated’. Such talk is surely inciting hatred and indeed murder. Sounds very much like George Seawright:

    “These attacks are just too regular now and I call upon the local Republican community and PSNI to act.
    “Such people are vermin existing within our society and need to be eradicated.

  • Paul McMahon

    When did ‘Irish’ and ‘British’ become races as opposed to nationalities?

  • neil

    Beat me to it there Paul. Irish and English are now seperate races (us North Western Europeans are a diverse bunch) despite their Island being about two hundred miles away from our Island, the population being overwhelmingly white and Christian. This sleight of hand used so you can accuse a SFer of being a racist.

    May I use the same tactic on a slightly smaller scale on you John by saying you are racist against SF. You cannot bear the anyone of the SF race. This is obviously utter bollocks, how ever someone who’s mind has been warped to the point of being delusional might believe it.

    Someone who sits around calculating numerical systems to add up the letters of people’s names, and writes books and pages upon pages of bilge online about being the son of God and other assorted madness. Generally I make a point of respecting others faith or lack of it, just one of my rules in life, but as you seem to be such an utter ball bag I think I’ll reclassify that rule to a guideline and challenge every piece of shit you post, cause in reality you’re a one trick pony all you have is hate (for SF) and love (of your faith and your delusions) – not that hate and religious fervour are strangers but not recommended as bedfellows, and supposedly unusual ones in Christianity.

  • RepublicanStones

    Just noticed there are 12 letters in JO’C’s name. So 12 halved leaves 6, put the other 6 beside it you get 66. Does this mean Mr O’Connell is two thirds Beelzebub? How about it John…you got internet down there in the Earth’s mantle?

  • Bracken Wood

    More of the usual man-playing by the republican posters.

    Who would want to shake a shinner’s hand covered as they are in the blood of the innocents?

    And feel free all you out there in republican dreamland to condemn the DUP for challenging those who burn Orange Halls. Sure burning an Orange Hall is merely an expression of Irish cultural identity.

  • Big Maggie

    Bracken Wood,

    “Who would want to shake a shinner’s hand covered as they are in the blood of the innocents?”

    I shook Bairbre de Brún’s hand once. I didn’t notice the blood.

    Perhaps you know of some incident from her teaching days before corporal punishment was scrapped. Please feel free to share it.

  • Driftwood

    Big Maggie
    It may have been fake blood from her time as an ‘actress’ in various 1970’s Hammer films and Redemptions’ back catalogue,

  • RepublicanStones

    Don’t tell me your slating the Hammer franchise Drift. Now that is one british institution this irish republican is a fan of. Oh for the days of yonder…. a late Friday night with Peter Cushing et al creaking about the TV set.

  • John O’Connell


    Grow up, you imbecile. I love everyone. Just because I tell you that the Book of Revelation is unfurling at the minute, doesn’t make me a liar. For all you know, and it isn’t much, I could be right. I mean, how could anybody respect your opinion on my work.

    Don’t despair, Neil. This election has seen major cracks in the edifices of the DUP and Sinn Fein. And they did very well over recent years because they are led by special people.

  • John O’Connell

    Oh Neil, my little friend, not everyone agrees that my books and opinions are delusional or in any way wrong.

  • Chris Donnelly


    The ‘silence’ you refer to may be a result of me not actually reading your post.

    And, to put the record straight, I recall very clearly outlining how the British Conservative Party could be labelled as supporters of a killing campaign similar to the one charge you make at republicans. After all, the Tories supported the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Falklands, not to mention many other sordid little conflicts in the past half century as the British finally retreated from many of their colonial outposts.

  • John O’Connell

    My post seems to have silenced you too, Chris.

  • Chris Donnelly


    Trust me, it’s through pity that I let your post slide, John…

  • Driftwood

    Chris Donnelly
    I’m sure you remember it well.
    But You specifically mentioned the Tory Party as responsible for “murder” and never mentioned the ‘British’ Labour Party.
    Why was that?

  • John O’Connell

    You’re such a pleasant guy, Chris. I just can’t understand where your racist post is coming from.

    You know that if I were to call some black woman here in Derry a “girl”, and her white friend a “lady”, I would admit to being racist. Smacks of calling negro men “boy”.

    I think you have a case to answer, especially considering that racism and sectarianism are inextricably linked. But then your party is not sectarian except that it continuously plays the sectarian card. “Vote Green, white and orange because we’re superior.”

  • Driftwood

    Maybe Chris thinks ‘Brits Out’ is more acceptable than his ideological buddy Nick Griffin saying ‘Pakis Out’?

    But, he has a habit of ‘going to ground’.

  • Chris Donnelly

    ‘going to ground’ might be better described as going to ‘bed-‘ some of us have jobs to go to…

    I’ve noted with some amusement your efforts to link Sinn Fein with the BNP. Whatever works for you…

    It is somewhat ironic that you cling to the ‘Brits out’ mantra. On a recent thread, you revealed your opposition to the flying of the Irish National flag in the Six Counties, which clearly suggests you adhere to an “Irish Out” strategy.

    Oh, and don’t worry, I’ve no love for the British Labour Party, who have their own sordid record of supporting British murder campaigns around the world.

    It’s just that the Tories seem to do it with more vigour.

  • “I’ll be expecting some cash to change hands, brown/ white envelope I don’t care,”

    Perhaps the PRM’s finance officer could give you a sub from the Organised Crime funds, Chris.

  • John O’Connell

    Silence again, Chris.

    I suppose that’s just your way of admitting defeat.

  • Big Maggie


    You think you have problems? I’m still waiting for Bracken Wood to tell me why the hand of a teacher-turned-politician is “covered … in the blood of the innocents”, a truly absurd allegation.

    Your “racist” charge is baseless. Anyhow, there’s too much inaccurate mud-slinging on this thread.

    Diane Dodds behaved most gracelessly by anyone’s standards by not shaking the hand of the winner. Simply not done, and it should diminish her in the eyes of most.

    And for adults to boo while the winner was making her acceptance speech diminishes them also. Some growing up is required in certain quarters.

  • John O’Connell

    Big Maggie

    Your “racist” charge is baseless.

    I’d like Chris to tell me why that is the case. I suppose racists can only be motivated by exteme Nationalism, flying the flag, and age-old grievances. Is that BNP or SF?

  • Reader

    Big Maggie: Diane Dodds behaved most gracelessly by anyone’s standards by not shaking the hand of the winner. Simply not done, and it should diminish her in the eyes of most. And for adults to boo while the winner was making her acceptance speech diminishes them also. Some growing up is required in certain quarters.
    Is that an *absolute* rule?
    Would it still apply if the BNP won a seat?

  • Big Maggie


    “I’d like Chris to tell me why that is the case.”

    I think Chris has better things to do. But I’ve just painted my skirting board so while I’m watching it dry I can attempt to answer for him.

    Girl, lady.

    Only this morning I came across a newspaper article that referred to a “career girl” of, wait for it … thirty-three. I can’t recall ever hearing about a “career boy” and certainly not one of 33, not unless we include the Boy Jesus.

    Lady? One of the most overused words in the language. If no one except genuine ladies was allowed to use the “ladies” in hotels, bars and other places then we’d have an awful lot of women wetting their knickers. Odd that the gents isn’t called the “lords”.

  • Big Maggie


    “Is that an *absolute* rule?

    “Would it still apply if the BNP won a seat?”

    Yes, it should. It’s what separates us from the barbarians. You and I may find them odious but the BNP are still a democratically elected party.

  • John O’Connell

    Big Maggie

    You must be drafted in when Sinn Fein know they can’t win the argument. What’s wrong with Chris? I think he knows when he’s beaten. And don’t be giving me more of your bullshit.

  • Big Maggie


    “You must be drafted in when Sinn Fein know they can’t win the argument.”

    Is there an argument? I’m simply passing the time of day/night. Sinn Féin and I have very little in common.

    “What’s wrong with Chris? I think he knows when he’s beaten.”

    Beaten at what precisely?

    “And don’t be giving me more of your bullshit.”

    Charming. Why not try to answer my rebuttal of your “racism” charge instead of resorting to insult? Any idiot can be insulting.

  • John O’Connell

    I think you’re trying to cover for Chris, Big Maggie, in a “sisterly/brotherly” sort of way that Shinners tend to do for each other. What’s wrong, cat cut Chris’ tongue.

    Your argument doesn’t stack as a defence and I think that Chris should defend himself in any case of the accusation that he is racist. He certainly made a racist post and I think that many Sinn Fein tend to be extremely racist in their views about other nationalities.

  • Big Maggie


    We’ll have to agree to disagree then. I found nothing even remotely racist about Chris’s post and don’t believe too many others will either. You seem to be ploughing a lonely furrow on this one.

  • John O’Connell

    So where is Chris, Big Maggie?

  • Big Maggie

    This thread set me to consider what terrorism really is. I did a swift google of “define terrorism” and was led to the Terrorism Research website. Interesting reading. Among all the definitions put forward my eye was caught by this one offered by the British Government in 1974:

    “[Terrorism is] the use of violence for political ends, and includes any use of violence for the purpose of putting the public, or any section of the public, in fear.”

    As I thought, fear is the key, and more specifically fear among civilians. Mind you, there’s no mention of state-sponsored terrorism in that definition. But does there need to be? Any group, large or small, can sow terror among a civilian population.

  • Big Maggie

    Sorry, wrong thread! I had several tabs open.