Policing and Justice: the disquieting elephant in the corner of the room…

In England everyone is beating themselves up (well, not everyone) about the collapse of the left vote and the rise of the right… The collapse in the DUP vote has brought some practical questions to the fore… Not least the unfinished business of the devolution of politicking policing and justice… Martin McGuinness is sure that things are on track… That ball, of course, remains firmly in the DUP’s court, who are publicly saying nothing about it as yet… But the vote for the TUV is hardly an indication of that versatile confidence in the community is any closer to being passed than it has been at any time in the last two years, regardless of what the NIO’s polling tells them, or us…

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  • RepublicanStones

    3rd June 2010. Perhaps too close for the DUP to risk it. Watch this space…..

  • Mick Fealty

    A punt, or a real gambit?

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    Oh please. There won’t be any devolution of P&J this side of the general election, even with Sinn Fein having sucked up their ‘anybody but youse’ humiliation. And after the election? Well golly isn’t that going to be fun. Not, I admit, for the bores who confidently assured us that P&J would already have been devolved last year, let alone by the middle of next year, but fun all the same.

  • fin

    even with Sinn Fein having sucked up their ‘anybody but youse’ humiliation

    I understood that both the DUP and SF voluntarily excluded themselves.

    Its an indication of how far NI has to go that the term ‘humiliation’ is used.

    Regarding the actual thread, my people myself included believed that a deal was done and a date set but not announced (to avoid the usual pointscoring, trap setting, and baiting)

    However if this was the case, it was for the DUPs benefit, so its to be expected that SF got something in return.

    If a deal was done, the fact it was done in private, also means it can be renegoatiated in private too (don’t think eitherparty would have left an option for denial of a deal)

    If it is renegoatiated again it’ll be for the DUPs benefit, and again SF would expect something in return.

    However a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush so to speak and SF need to be careful and ensure all deals are banked.

    Then again maybe something totally different occurred

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    ‘I understood that both the DUP and SF voluntarily excluded themselves’ – I’ve no idea if you’re a kid or an OAP, but did you actually believe a word of that when you typed it? One solitary word? Just in the outlandish instance that you did: being excluded from P&J was an outcome SF: militantly campaigned against being even considered as a possibility, were then left with no option but to suck it up or not even get the promise of the possibility of transfer, then, folded, all the way down the line. There’s no other word bar humiliation, at least in the eys of the non-cult section of the community in Norn Iron. What the sheeple of the Republican electorate made of it, God, sorry, Gerry alone knows.

  • 6countyprod

    One may be tempted to think that there has also been a surge to the right among the unionist electorate because of the advent of the TUV vote. But that is not necessarily the case.

    The DUP has, in becoming involved in inclusive politics in NI, moved towards the centre, and, as evidenced in this election, has brought the majority (57%) of its following along with it.

    There, of course, remains a rump of resistance to the current political agreements (the old-DUP/TUV with 43% of the former DUP vote). But unionism as a whole, having now moved from a majority opposed to power-sharing in, say 2006, to a position where 72% of voters within Unionism gave their number 1 to pro power-sharing unionist candidates last Thursday, has basically moved towards the centre.

    I think that augurs well for the future of the local political institutions.