The F word with wings

Peter Preston, former Guardian editor and life-time student of Spin, gapes “ open mouthed” and the antics of a Master.

“Sometimes, open-mouthed, you see a supreme spin doctor at work and gasp at his brilliance.
The more O’Leary effs and blinds and introduces teeth-grindingly improbable charges – say, having to pay £5 merely to check in for a flight or a £40 demand if you turn up a the airport without a pre-printed boarding pass – the more the travelling public seems to flock to his banner. It enjoys the humiliation of watching customers weep when their printers break down. It may even be attracted afresh by the prospect of passing wriggling hours awaiting a pee. Ryanair isn’t always as cheap as it claims, but the nastiness makes it feel cheap (and not at all cheerful).”

Former BBC journalist and manager in Belfast, Manchester and London, Editor Spolight; Political Editor BBC NI; Current Affairs Commissioning editor BBC Radio 4; Editor Political and Parliamentary Programmes, BBC Westminster; former London Editor Belfast Telegraph. Hon Senior Research Fellow, The Constitution Unit, Univ Coll. London