Back to Shaun – this time it’s serious money

The Sunday Times is gunning for our multi-millionaire SoS Shaun Woodward for allegedly avoiding “a capital gains tax bill of up to £1.5m on one of his London homes, which he sold to Sting, the singer.. However, although questions were submitted to him by The Sunday Times last Wednesday afternoon, he failed to clarify whether he declared different “main” residences to the taxman and the Commons authorities in May 2003. The paper pursued him remorslessly up to early news deadline.

In a statement issued at 4.19pm on Saturday he strongly denied that his arrangements were an attempt to avoid capital gains tax and said there was no “inappropriate personal gain..He conceded in a statement that the Westminster townhouse was exempt from CGT. However, he said the sale of Sarsden was subject to CGT…He last night issued a categorical denial that he had flipped his home or set out to avoid tax.

Shaun seems to find it difficult to entangle which of two Oxfordshire houses he nominated as a first home to escape CGT – so what chance have you or I?
All the more reason to keep a close watch on developments.

  • We now know why the thief was not promoted, what his comments about asking Brown to stay at Stormont show, is the man is shameless. But hey don’t worry he serves first rate wine at his table.

  • TK

    All of this makes little sense against the Bel Telegraph owned Sunday Life trying to create something out of nothing from Eddie Mc Grady’s expenses. Mc Grady claims were the lowest of all NI MPs. He did not think that the maximum limit was an entitlement. He chose an hotel 500 yards from Westminster so that his travel claims for taxis would be minimal. What the purpose of all of this? Does the stooge ie the retired school principal- chosen for the story have political associations? he may think the job is three meals at an hotel quaffed down by sauvigon blanc is the job – obviously does nt know Mc Grady who does not even drink!

  • Ulton

    Are you suggesting our glorious Secretary of State is out of touch with ordinary people … outrageous?!

    Never trust a man without a butler, I say…