Maybe I was unfair to Shaun

I’ve just heard Shaun Woodward saying on Radio 4’s Any Questions that he asked Gordon Brown “some weeks ago” to stay in Northern Ireland “ to complete the peace process” ( I assume he’s referring to the devolution of justice and policing). As I was having a bit of fun at his expense earlier, I thought it only fair to report this. I still think he’s pretty oily, though).

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Interesting how he deals with DUP wiggling on the Police and Justice issue – he has been ushering them along quite well – it was excellent news that he wasnt re-shuffled elsewhere. He should flush out the Tory/UU crypto alliance on this issue as they have been attempting to speak out of both sides of both of their mouths.

  • Belfast Greyhound

    Well he would say that wouldn’t he??
    Having moved himself once in his political journey he would not want to be seen to be too eager to be anywhere close to the plotters and keep his hands clean for whoever replaces Brown to look favourably on him.
    It would be difficult to say what has ever actually done wrong but then really it would be difficult to say exactly what he ever has done.
    He seems more of a bye-stander than anything else.
    What claim could he make to be progressing the never-ending peace process to a conclusion?
    The Second World War ended and the bitter enemies, France and Germany, joined together, within a shorter period of years than the continuing Peace Process has been going for, in what eventually became the European Union.
    If the there had been a ‘Peace Process’ to end that war it would probably still be continuing, having gotten an everlasting life of its own, just like the one in Northern Ireland posesses.

  • Rory Carr

    I think you intended to mean “by-stander”, Belfast Greyhound. I can only imagine that a “bye-stander” would be someone standing while waving a farewell. Someone was at it earlier with “bye-election” and Turgon has, yet again been confusing “lose” with “loose”. He just won’t listen to me. Probably thinks it’s a republican plot to subvert the King’s English.

    Anyway, don’t concern yourself, Brian with the thought that you might have been unfair to Woodward. Instead save any ammunition you might have for when he inevitably has a little secret sabbatical to mentor his bosom pal, Esther Rantzen, if she stands in Luton, not that she has ever listened to anyone but herself.

  • lol

    Everyone connected to the NIO knows he thought he was going to a ‘bigger’ job. He is devastated.