Call a spade a bloody shovel, Diane!

I’m confused about what Diane Dodds is saying here exactly at the DUP Euro manifesto launch. Now I do get the first bit…
“If unionists stay at home on 4th June there is a real danger that Sinn Fein will top the poll and two nationalist candidates will be elected from
Northern Ireland. Just imagine what message that would send out to the world. After all the progress that has been made in recent years it would be a
disaster for unionism.”

Yup, got it.. although it’s a “disaster” the Union would probably survive. Please note, the DUP and the Union are not the same thing, any more than are Sinn Fein and Unity.

“But there is still time to avoid such an outcome. Our fate is in our own hands.” (Get on with it Diane..)

“I want to keep the DUP first in Europe and to assist a second unionist to get elected. Republicans are counting on unionists sitting at home or wasting their votes on candidates that cannot win.”
Now wait a second. Jim Allister whatever else you say about him is a “unionist”, isn’t he?
“Sinn Fein’s success is dependent on vote splitting by a candidate that wants to destroy devolution. Let’s not play into their hands.”

Now might that destroyer be Jim? Ah right, by “second unionist” she must mean Mr Nicholson. Shouldn’t she spell it out and make him happy?

  • nemo

    I was told by a Allister cnavasser to transfer to ‘anyone but Dodds’.

  • Bill

    As a really far out idea, if it’s so important to have two Unionist candidates representing Northern Ireland, how about the DUP step aside? I mean if that’s her top priority it could be easily achieved.

    Or perhaps the DUP and TUV agree two Unionist representatives are vital so why not let the CUUNF and Alliance be the standing candidates then?

    This nonsense about two Unionist representatives is so old. A Sinn Fein and SDLP representative will not change the status of Northern Ireland within the UK one little bit. Can these parties and the people going to vote for them not mature a little and argue about European issues?

  • ABC


    Why should she spell it out? In the recent by-election in Enniskillen the DUP without any prompting told their voters to transfer from Arlene Foster to the UUP candidate. How did the UUP repay that favour? They issued a statement saying “transfer to other Unionists” when the News Letter ran this as a call to transfer to Arlene Foster they asked for a clarification to be put in to the paper saying “not explicitly transfer to Arlene Foster, but other Unionists” – despite the fact that AF was the only other Unionist on the ballot!!!

    Since then of course we have had the wonderous St. Dave of Notting Hill telling us that Fermanagh and South Belfast are both going to have to get used to being represented by a nationalist in the Mother of Parliaments.

    UCUNF are a disgrace whose hatred for the DUP over-rides all notions of commonsense or advancing Unionism.

  • wisethebap

    I was told by a Dodds canvasser to transfer to ‘anyone but Allister’.

  • ABC


    I was told by an Allister canvasser he was going to get re-elected… we are just being silly!

    The Allister folks have been telling people anyone but Dodds, just like in Dromore when they told people to transfer to anyone but the DUP.

  • ??

    Wow another anti-dup post from brian. Surprise. Those who think the 2 jims wnuld be elected if the dup stood aside are delusional and 1 will be lucky 2 be in on the dup coatails…again

  • Jonrus

    Re. Transfers

    Unbelievable, considering Allister’s and Dodd’s European policies are so similar!

  • And I was told by a SF canvasser to transfer to anyone but the SDLP….I think my name might have given them the wrong idea;)

    How about treating the electorate as adults and let them decide for themselves?

  • ABC


    Brian would you prefer to see 2 Unionists or 2 non-Unionists elected?

  • Dewi

    Anaymore predictions anyone?


    Got till Sunday.

  • ABC


    I have never done predictions and I never will!


  • ABC

    Correction: the question is directed to O’Neill.

  • Paul

    Here’s a shot….

    DUP 120k
    SF 130k
    UUP 125k
    SDLP 95k
    ALL 30k
    TUV 55
    Green 6k

  • ABC

    I’d follow my conscience not what my party would attempt to dictate to me and so I wouldn’t give the DUP, TUV, SDLP or SF my No2.

    If in case of the apparently Doomsday Scenario, the SDLP does manage to get the 3rd seat, the Union will still be in existance the day after.

  • Observer

    A healthy democracy is one where people are given as wide a choice of candidates and policies as possible. A tribal based democracy is one where people are encouraged to vote a certain way to retain tribal dominence. Does Mrs Dodds think that she has a copyright on Unionism and how it votes? Would she prefer a situation whereby the DUP would be re-elected without the need for an election. There are plenty of “democracies” like that in Africa with a dictator in charge who stamps out any opposition. What is the problem if the Unionist vote is split ten ways in this election? Other than Paddy Power who should really give a damn who tops the poll? Will the Union collapse if the shinners take the top spot? When the basic question of the union is ever tested in a referendum all Unionists will come together and naturally as Unionists will vote to retain the Union. Mrs Dodds fears are more about a loss of face for the DUP rather than a feeling that the Union as we know it will de dismantled around us because a shinner topped the poll. Grow up Mrs Dodds your party, no more than any other Unionist party, have the right to insist that they and only they are qualified to carry the mantle of protecting the Union. In any case she will get the same wages and allowances no matter where she might finish in the top three so that should provide a little degree of comfort to her!

  • Bill

    ?? Not that I am in support of this option personally, but how do you conclude that without Diane Dodds the remaining two (explicit) unionist parties wouldn’t get elected?

    Surely transfers would almost automatically go from one to the other?

  • Cynic


    Should really even be recognising you as you are better at asking questions (The easy bit) than answering any! So totally against the grain I will pose a simple question to you about “coatails”. Wasn’t Jim Alister the DUP “coatail” last time around?

  • cynic


  • danielmoran

    observer… msg15. i was going to write a detailed post myself about the mutli-kaliedoscopic shortcomings of mrs dodds, but your post renders that redundant. as i said before robinson should take her to one siude and tell her in no uncertain manner to stop insulting the intelligence of the people she needs the votes from. really!!!!

  • blinding

    Diane Doods is clearly showing that which most other politicians have been showing in recent times that the most important thing is, what is good for them personally followed a bit farther back by what is good for their party.

    If anyone can see the ordinary voter back there in the distance then they have no need of the services of an optician.

  • danielmoran

    brian… reading your account of mrs dodds statement quoted verbatim, she really isn’t the shapest knife in the dup box. she has only gone and revealed her real sectarian agenda. by saying ‘just imagine what msg that electing two NATIONALISTS to brussels….. ‘ i thought she was claiming to want to fight republicans specifically. the cat is out of the bag. dodds wants no nationalist elected anywhere. brussels, westminster or stormont. that’s plain as the nose on her face, now. her boss must be spitting nails after this.

  • New Blue

    I posted this on the Danny Kinehan thread, but it is much more appropriate here.


    I read your candidates party manifesto, great document, all 39 pages of it (although I was particularly interested in the two pages that actually referred to the EU).

    Diane is going to ;

    Oppose the Lisbon Treaty and support a UK-Wide referendum on the treaty (no longer following the party line of supporting Big Gordo then?)

    Return control of social policy to the Westminster parliment ( Great, the example already set in addressing social policy by your party in the Assembly, provides such excellent examples of how to do it, no? ah well).

    Reduce Global Poverty (now this is something I believe can be done, all Diane has to do is get Peter and Iris to donate their unspent food allowances and you could feed a small African nation for the forseeable future).

    And to ensure that she can achieve all these great things in a European parliment of over 700 MEP’s she will partner with which influencial European grouping? Of course, DUP is an anagram of Sinn Fein – that’s right, DUP in Europe is themselves alone.

    All that money wasted to promote a campaign that wants to stop Sinn Fein topping the poll and it looks like it is the DUP who “themselves alone” have gifted their arch nemesis ( and party political partnership representative ) that all important top poll place.

    DUP – Ourselves Alone – It’s all about us!

  • the average voter in every day life doesn’t get as deeply involved in the mechanics of the debates as we do

    so relax…

    Obama didn’t get too bogged down in intricate debates all he said was “yes we can” and the rest is history…

    Jim Allister is standing to test the temperature for future elections – he is fully aware he will not win – even though he has to say he will win as, if he said he wouldn’t then why would he bother at all…

    Jim Nicholson as with all the elected UCUNF MLA’s are slightly panicy that the UCUNF tag will harm them and he even admitted that Sylvia has done him harm

    Sinn Fein will suffer a small drop in vote no doubt

    SDLP will increase slightly

    DUP will hold their own and still top the poll

    in general the turn out will be lower due to the general anti-politician vibe the media has generated in recent weeks

    but it’s all snow aff a ditch until the votes are counted

  • otto jaffe

    This morning my five year old had to wriggle past a Diane Dodds poster fixed low down on a lamp-post on a narrow pavement by the gate to his school.

    Once he’d dodged the other kids getting out of their doors and rounded the poster he turned, looked at Diane and declared;

    “I’m not voting for her to be President!”

  • AJJM

    “I’d follow my conscience not what my party would attempt to dictate to me and so I wouldn’t give the DUP, TUV, SDLP or SF my No2. ”

    I second that! 🙂

  • TUV Fanatic, Ahoghill

    I’m only voting for “THE MAN”. No transferin’ for me hey.

  • daisy

    Diane Dodds never stops talking about beating SF and TUV at the polls. Would she ever get over herself? Is this really the thing that concerns DUP voters the most? If so, lucky them to have such a carefree life.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    a wild melee

    ‘DUP will hold their own and still top the poll.’

    It nice to see people who don’t have a clue, don’t look at the numbers, but still believe they have a right to come out with such absolute rubbish.

    Where would we be without them?

  • Doire Protastúnach

    I’m glad I’ve looked at the numbers and also LISTENED to the grass roots and I’m afraid that the status quo seems to be the same – The result will be the same as last time!
    UUP???Or what ever they want to be known as!

    Their own members around this aea don’t even know what the new party name is.
    TUV have been out round this area but they don’t seem to know what way they are going to turn if they get the vote the expect!
    Hello – we need postitive ways forwards not giant leaps backward!

  • Frustrated – “don’t look at the numbers”

    oh sorry it’s the 8th June already….

    how time flys…

  • Neil

    If the bookies say it’s 1/3 on for SF to top the poll, I’d take it as damn near gospel. Those odds are way too short to be turned over, don’t get me wrong it happens, but once in a blue moon.

  • oneill

    True Blue,

    You forgot to mention that Diane is also going to make sure the EU has better with China and India.

  • Silverline


    The above to get elected but maybe not in that order, the TUV seem to be doing just a poster campaign I have not heard of them canvassing in the North Down area, the only ones around the doors are DUP and Alliance.

  • Traditional Unionist

    Silverline-you must get out more….or maybe away from the desk in abbey street…

    North Down has been extensively canvassed by the TUV and unlike the DUP we do not shove the leaflets through the doors and run…

    To get elected


  • Big Maggie

    Diane Dodds manifests with:

    “My priority will be to work for the best outcomes for businesses, consumers, farmers and the beleaguered fishing community.”

    Why does she believe that only Unionists can secure those outcomes? Does she imagine that SF or the SDLP (or even the Greens) would be less efficacious?

    Pure tribalism and quite unseemly.

  • SM

    Big Maggie

    I agree! She is pathetic – just rants about SF this and SF that. No policy detail, no engagement with EU issues, just tribalist ranting. Ironic almost, given her husband’s ministerial colleagues 🙂

  • nemo

    traditional unionist

    TUV elected? i think not.

    Unlike in bangor,the TUV are shoving leaflets through doors in Belfast. No door knocking, just two rather scary looking women, misery personified, doing the business for the old grumpy one.

    and if the TUV are going to be elected, why am i led to belive that one member of Allisters staff got a job with the farmers union and another employee secured a job as a teacher.

    Leaves only Jim’s family members left to find new employment. mind you there are so many of them employed they could staff an Asda store on their own.

  • New Blue


    I didn’t want to bring up the Robinsons love of those types of takeaway food, but yes, they have between themselves supported a large portion of both food industries. (very large portions at £30k between them)

  • ABC

    Big Maggie

    For businesses she’s better than far left nutter de Brun, for whom any trade union proposal goes.

    For agriculture she’s better than Tory boy Nicholson, who is commited to gutting funding going to the agricultural sector through CAP reform.

    Next question?

  • Big Maggie


    “For businesses she’s better than far left nutter de Brun, for whom any trade union proposal goes.”

    Bit of a generalization.

    “For agriculture she’s better than Tory boy Nicholson, who is commited to gutting funding going to the agricultural sector through CAP reform.”

    He’s a farmer and his son runs the family farm now. Don’t you think he’d support the farming community?

  • oneill

    True Blue,

    I’ll set’em up, you knock’em in!

  • 6countyprod

    “For businesses she’s better than far left nutter de Brun, for whom any trade union proposal goes.”

    Big Maggie: ‘Bit of a generalization.’

    What is? De Brun being ‘far left’ or being a ‘nutter’?

  • Rory Carr

    “My priority will be to work for the best outcomes for businesses, consumers, farmers and the beleaguered fishing community.” -from Dodds’s manifesto.

    Given that the best outcome for consumers (cheaper goods) is in direct conflict with the best outcome for businesses (higher profits) how will she work for both?

    Good job she didn’t mention the best outcomes for workers in businesses (better wages and conditions) – the businessmen would be apoplectic.

    Then of course the best outcome for “the beleagured fishing community” would not likely be the best outcome for fish and future fishing stocks.

    But what does it matter? She can say what she likes – she could promise everyone regular multiple orgasms, regular supplies of Ferrero Rocher and American Hard Gums for all and a safe seat at the right hand of God after life ** as she can’t deliver and there are none who believe or expect that she can.

    ** Besides which I need none of these, being already well set up.

  • iluvni

    If elected, will the combined Dodds annual income break the £600000 barrier?

  • ??

    June 4th – DODDS – DE BRUN – Maginness

  • New Blue


    AAYYY Thank you!

    I’m here all week 😉

  • dewi

    Could you please predict numbers rathers than percentages….


  • Big Maggie


    “For businesses she’s better than far left nutter de Brun, for whom any trade union proposal goes.”

    Big Maggie: ‘Bit of a generalization.’

    What is? De Brun being ‘far left’ or being a ‘nutter’?

    Posted by 6countyprod on May 28, 2009 @ 08:09 PM

    It’s probably me but I don’t read anything in the extract below to suggest Ms de Brún is either “far left” or “a nutter”.

    Perhaps you simply don’t like the woman?

    “Ms de Brun and her party insist that the only way to truly transform the economy in Ireland is through an island-wide strategy for development and regeneration.

    “In an interview at the European Parliament’s offices, she emphasised a range of issues including economic competitiveness, dealing with climate change, fuel poverty, and boosting jobs in the construction industry.

    “She also spoke about the possibility of reallocating funding for energy efficiency schemes during the next parliament.

    “There will also be big questions to be addressed around the future of agriculture and there may be more emphasis, she said, in farmers being protectors of the environment.

    “On the economic situation, Ms de Brun said policies must not just be about helping people through the current crisis but also doing more in terms of research and development.

    “She said the Stormont departments were now willing to engage more pro-actively with the European Commission and Parliament.”

  • Carson’s Cat

    This more of your “fair and balanced” comments Brian?

    At least Shillers is ‘out’ in terms of political bias..

    Maybe you can be the Tory RSS to Micky Shillers UUP..

  • Comrade Stalin

    Carson’s Cat, I think the only thing Sillyday is out on is a limb.

    I’m :

    DUP/SF or

    I’ve not yet figured out what order to vote the DUP and SF in. This bollocks about topping the poll makes it likely that SF will come first. Both candidates are likely to be declared elected before my vote gets counted, though.

  • Seceder

    I’ve just flicked on to the DUP flickr euro election 09 photographs of the DUP manifesto launch – I swear Mrs Doddsy is turning into Mary McAleese – take a look – its uncanny the only unionist that will be mistaken for a republican president – Diane Dodds come on down

    Today peter I’m going to be the president of the Irish republic!!

  • ABC

    Big Maggie

    Read Nicholson’s farming manifesto to just how the Tory Party plans to royally fist our farming community!

  • politico

    anyone see Hearts and Minds last night, anyone know what Diane’s views on climate change are (nope didn’t think so)

    for all you Diane fans out there I hear the politics show is a real vote winner for her, why not invite all your friends round and have an elect Diane party when the show is on, you’ll want as many people as possible to see it

  • Politico

    When is the QUB debate being shown? Another cracking performance by Mrs Dodds there I’ve heard;)

  • salem

    OOOH the Queens event was outstanding ! She was very bad and at one point Jim Fitzpatrick was going to ask the auidence who had the opition to vote for her to shut up !

    Brillant !!!

    Cannot wait to watch it !

  • nemo

    heard a bit out of the poltiics show this morning on radio – barbara de bruin jumping in to defend jim allister. it was touching.

    unholy alliance anyone?

    one can only wonder just how cosy this relationship is when they are away in Europe.

  • oneill

    The people really ion the know seem mighty impressed with Mrs Dodd’s performance on H & M:

    Bairbre is now 2/11 at Paddy Power to top the poll!!!!

    Roll on Sunday and the Queens Debate.
    I’m betting books are closed Monday morning, foregone conclusion, pay out time!

  • Cushy Glenn

    and lo the lord appeared unto Peter the Puntite and said “Verily thy family is now all elected or employed by thee. Whence shall come the chosen one to smite the Shinnites?”

    And Peter spake unto the Lord “Verily verily, my bondsman Nigel hath a wife who shall carry thy banner into battle, and she shall surely smite the Shinnites. And she shall not think for herself but shall parrot my words both left and right, and lo the Shinnites and the Stoopites shall gaze at her works in awe and they shall say “Bloody hell- is that the best they’ve got?”.
    “But Nigal my bondsman is a cunning man, and he doth covet my ox and my ass and everything that is within my ornamental fishpond, yea even unto my very office itself. Lord , how shall I preserve mine inheritance even unto the third and fourth generation?”

    And the wife of Nigel shall stop her ears to the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the chosen people that she is their representative, and she shall go out into battle and lo the wise and mighty men of the media shall ask her – yea a thousand times and one- to answer a question or to demonstrate that she is capable of forming an opinion , and the wife of Nigel shall shun them, and that right studiously. And she shall get verily stuffed. Selah

    And lo Peter the Puntite shall say of the temple at Stormont “Ichabod is writ large over its portals”. And Nigel shall be cast out into the outer darkness, and great shall be the rejoicing thereat in a new small housing development in Dundonald. And a new generation of Puntites shall arise, and they shall inherit the earth and all that is therein. Amen

  • jamesy

    cracker cracker cushy !!!
    Think how many questions diane (if the people were daft enough to elect her ) would ask at europe. maybe beat the demon doc he asked 2 in three years.
    That`s what i call good representation.
    Does she really want to top the pole could that be construed as murderous plans against a plumber.

  • Big Maggie

    Looks like Bairbre de Brún is now well and truly out ahead: 1/3.

    Poor Alban Maginness: 25/1!

    But a week as they say is a long time in politics.