Call a spade a bloody shovel, Diane!

I’m confused about what Diane Dodds is saying here exactly at the DUP Euro manifesto launch. Now I do get the first bit…
“If unionists stay at home on 4th June there is a real danger that Sinn Fein will top the poll and two nationalist candidates will be elected from
Northern Ireland. Just imagine what message that would send out to the world. After all the progress that has been made in recent years it would be a
disaster for unionism.”

Yup, got it.. although it’s a “disaster” the Union would probably survive. Please note, the DUP and the Union are not the same thing, any more than are Sinn Fein and Unity.

“But there is still time to avoid such an outcome. Our fate is in our own hands.” (Get on with it Diane..)

“I want to keep the DUP first in Europe and to assist a second unionist to get elected. Republicans are counting on unionists sitting at home or wasting their votes on candidates that cannot win.”
Now wait a second. Jim Allister whatever else you say about him is a “unionist”, isn’t he?
“Sinn Fein’s success is dependent on vote splitting by a candidate that wants to destroy devolution. Let’s not play into their hands.”

Now might that destroyer be Jim? Ah right, by “second unionist” she must mean Mr Nicholson. Shouldn’t she spell it out and make him happy?

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