Telegraph muckrakers gag “suicide” MP – you couldn’t make it up

Click on Nadine Dorries MP’s blog – she who feared losing an MP through suicide – and what do you get? “Resource cannot be found.” This is because lawyers for Telegraph newspapers obtained a ruling to take down the blog of a sitting MP after she had made allegations above the motives of the Barclay brothers, proprietors of the paper for their exposures of MPs’ expenses. A few clicks later and you can find it; the internet as defender of freedom. If you or I accused a newspaper boss of running a sting operation or having political motives against MPs, nobody would bat an eyelid. Isn’t that what proprietors have always done – exercised “ the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages” – power without responsibility? Some may think she’s “whacky” but whacky or not, I hope she uses parliamentary privilege to let them have it with both barrels.
Nadine Dorries MP in the Independent:

“The Telegraph’s technique of picking off a few MPs each day, emailing at noon, giving five hours to reply, recording the conversation, not allowing them to speak, telling them they are going to publish anyway, amounts, at day 15, to a form of torture and may have serious consequences. No can deny the right to expose this, but any decent human being can question pushing individuals to the brink of despair.

The Telegraph conflates serious acts of fraud with the mildly embarrassing and plain administrative errors. No MP will escape the inquisition. All MPs wait with knots in their stomach every day. A sense of relief washes over when it’s not you with the fatal midday email. But then comes sickness, as the next 24-hour wait begins. “


    MP’s are getting increasingly deperate and panicked as their deceit and lies gets more exposed. The hypocrisy of these clowns is astounding and their excuses hilarious and ridiculous. If those of us who work fiddled our employment expenses we would be subject to disciplinary measures and more than likely sacked with a shameful resume and record; we would probably never work again. Likewise the government proudly lauds a BENEFIT FRAUD website and hotline where it boasts of it’s latest convictions and successes. Now don’t get me wrong BENEFIT FRAUD is wrong but the amounts pale into insignifance when compared to Bank/City fraud and Westminster/Scottish/Welsh/N.Ireland parliamentary wrongdoing. There are people convicted of BENEFIT FRAUD involving amounts as little as £100 and £200 getting jail sentences and suspended jail sentences. Surely there is something totally immoral in a government boasting of convicting people for such acts while defrauding the same system of even more money? I gloat and am glad that these greedy political bastards are wallowing in discomfort and unease as they send people to jail for other petty indescretions. The world is mad! ANIMAL FARM HOW ARE YOU? ALL CRIMINALS ARE GUILTY BUT SOME ARE LESS GUILTY THAN OTHERS!!!!!!!

  • Pigeon Toes

    Yes agree,
    Massive media coverage of couple who had claimed £50,000 in benefits but really if they had said “Erm well, we weren’t aware, accounting is not our strong point”

    “the system is wrong…”

    But M.P’s have “worked to the rule”, “complied with the spirit of the rules”, “the rules are wrong” ” they need changed”.

    Again fine for them ,but not as a defence for those who pay the lovely expenses-us

  • “A few clicks later and you can find it; the internet as defender of freedom.”

    Well, it’s in Google cache, Brian. And it may take the ‘censors’ a little time to eradicate it 🙂

    I’m not sure why you’re throwing ‘whacky’ into the discussion. I’ve had a look at some of the material and it seems quite sensible to me. It seems fair to assume that the drip feed will have perked up MSM circulation and audience figures.

  • oops

  • Driftwood

    I hope this doesn’t come out in bold.

    LURIG, good man, supporting the Daily Telegraph.
    the last bastion of freedom of thought among the British isles/These islands-delete as appropriate.

  • blinding

    Well said

    LURIG on May 24, 2009 @ 12:34 AM

    The MPs want to shoot any messenger that lets the ordinary Joes/Josephines know whats going on.

    The MPs do not think that ordinary people deserve to know whats going on because in that world of privledge and access ordinary people really really don’t count. Nevermind that they are the “taxpayers” that are paying for the Charade.

    Also well said
    Pigeon Toes on May 24, 2009 @ 12:53 AM

    Hopefully this will not be another quiet British revolution that ends with nothing changing and the politicians returning to the same old ways.

    In the Westminister system there are far too many safe seats and many commentators have said how prevalent the worst excess’s of this expenses scandal have been in these safe seats.

    Getting yourself a safe seat at Westminister is like winning the lotto every year and damn the nusiance electorate.

  • Pigeon Toes

    “Hopefully this will not be another quiet British revolution that ends with nothing changing and the politicians returning to the same old ways.”

    Unfortunately I believe that is exactly what will happen

  • joeCanuck

    Isn’t that what proprietors have always done

    I have seen it written, and the argument is not without merit, that freedom of the press only applies to those who own one.

  • “The Telegraph has every right to ask questions and to hold politicians to account for the way they spend public money. But their reaction when I told them I would publish my response to their allegations on my blog was revealing. It appears that the general public is only entitled to hear the Telegraph’s version of the truth if they pay for a copy of the Telegraph. They also felt it necessary to phone CCHQ with veiled threats about what they could do to me in the future if I dared to post the letter they sent to me on my blog before they published their own article in today’s newspaper. I am afraid that the Telegraph doesn’t appear to get the ‘new media’.” .. Nadine Dories blog 16 May 2009

  • “The virtually unprecedented action against a serving MP came after Dorries was disowned by her party leader, David Cameron, and described as “wacky” by senior Conservative sources.”

    Can anyone provide a quote from Cameron? Dorries, in her blog: “According to the Telegraph online, David Cameron has slapped me down. Excuse me? Err, no he hasn’t. What a corker”

    If there is no Cameron quote then we could be in danger of doing a newspaper’s dirty work for it.