Allister bares all on Nolan

Didn’t hear it myself yet but apparently Jim Allister bared it all on yesterday’s Nolan Show.

He admitted to working on some legal cases whilst an MEP, employing his wife, son and daughter, renting his office from his family and being able to claim for food costs (which he said he couldn’t claim for, unlike MP’s, on last weeks Friday show).

Now lets see Jim Nicholson bare all for the public.


I distinctly remember on the Nolan Show of Friday 15th that Allister was on critcising Peter Robinson – the ‘family dynasty’ and his food costs. It seems that his criticism has been blown back on his face. On Saturday he had a frontpage advert in the Newsletter stating: ‘No double/triple jobbing and no family dynasty’. Then on Sunday he admitted to employing his daughter – who is fully qualified to do the job apparently. Now it has emerged that he also employs his wife and son (one son is a full time student).

DUP MLA Simon Hamilton has twice in the last week (see and News) asked Jim about his expense claims. The last statement was shot down in Friday’s Newsletter (a paper obcessed with the Conservatives and Unionists in my opinion). I sense that Allister has lost credibility as he has had to go back on what he told the public last weekend.

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