Allister bares all on Nolan

Didn’t hear it myself yet but apparently Jim Allister bared it all on yesterday’s Nolan Show.

He admitted to working on some legal cases whilst an MEP, employing his wife, son and daughter, renting his office from his family and being able to claim for food costs (which he said he couldn’t claim for, unlike MP’s, on last weeks Friday show).

Now lets see Jim Nicholson bare all for the public.


I distinctly remember on the Nolan Show of Friday 15th that Allister was on critcising Peter Robinson – the ‘family dynasty’ and his food costs. It seems that his criticism has been blown back on his face. On Saturday he had a frontpage advert in the Newsletter stating: ‘No double/triple jobbing and no family dynasty’. Then on Sunday he admitted to employing his daughter – who is fully qualified to do the job apparently. Now it has emerged that he also employs his wife and son (one son is a full time student).

DUP MLA Simon Hamilton has twice in the last week (see and News) asked Jim about his expense claims. The last statement was shot down in Friday’s Newsletter (a paper obcessed with the Conservatives and Unionists in my opinion). I sense that Allister has lost credibility as he has had to go back on what he told the public last weekend.

  • Rory Carr

    Thank you, Andrew, for giving us at least the bare facts.

    But this misspelling is too much. I simply cannot bear it. I may strip off all my raiment and then, completely bare, leap into a growth of nettles.

  • Scrappage

    Did Allister claim £30,000 for food over four years?

    More importantly did he eat what he claimed for?

    Peter and Iris Robinson plainly never spent that £30,000 on food (six pensioners’ annual income) which in my world means it was improperly sought and obtained, no matter what the Commons authorities said. (Food isn’t allowed in the Green Book!)

    A repayment should be insisted on or the PSNI asked to call round.

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    A mistake I think. Admirable, but lacking in tactical nous. Sadly this honesty won’t do him any good amongst the Norn Iron electorate because the lying liars in the UUP, SDLP and Sinn Five [copyright: me] *won’t* admit to what they’ve done, won’t be forced to by our supine local press during the duration of the Euro campaign, and won’t, even if they did, and even if the press played up, be held to account by their ever communual voters.

    I can’t see a single thing wrong with an MEP (or MEP, or p*sspoor MLA) working as a QC, or anything else, provided someone is prepared to pay them for that (and not just ‘Pernod’ them a la the French rugger team during the last years of Shamateurism). Because, one more time, in any parliamentary system where representatives are also ministers, being a representative cannot by definition be a full-time job. Indeed, from an echt-Tory point of view, it’s deeply disturbing even to contemplatea full time professional class. When the house isn’t sitting, go back to your farms when and contemplate your entablature!

    On the matter of his expenses – knowing a bit about Brussels/Strasbourg, it doesn’t seem at all out of whack. I don’t think they should have these allowances – certainly not un-means tested – but since they do, he seems to have claimed his entirely proportionately to what his outgoings might realistically be expected to have been. And as for the family, I wish they wouldn’t – I wish the numpty political caste in the Province wasn’t quite so low-grade and incestuous, but since it is (and since any micro-societym even rising to the scale of an Eire or a Scotland seems to produce exactly the same phenomenon), it’s discouragingg but hardly surprising.

    Oh well, he’s still, on merit, the single most able candidate fielded by any party. And FA good ‘merit’ is going to do him.

  • joeCanuck

    the PSNI asked to call round

    For a cup of tea at least. The cupboard should be jampacked.

  • Rory Carr

    Right, Joe. Or as Andrew might say, ” The cupboard won’t be ‘bear’.”

  • Big Maggie

    Nolan asked whether Jim Allister had publicly advertised the jobs given to his wife and daughter. “No” was the reply because that would have risked the jobs going to members of the SDLP or Sinn Féin and that would be unconscionable.

    So let’s see if I understand this. It’s against the law not to publicly advertise a job except when you’re an MEP. Since when are they above the law?

  • Silverline

    Allister is just as bad as anyone else.

  • Pigeon Toes

    “So let’s see if I understand this. It’s against the law not to publicly advertise a job except when you’re an MEP. Since when are they above the law?”

    No, you only have to be registered for Fair Employment when you have 10(?)or more staff working full-time.

    You would be amazed at the lengths some unscrupulous employers go to get around that little clause.

  • Big Maggie

    Pigeon Toes,

    Thanks for putting me straight on that. I suppose that 10 minimum rule makes sense.

  • Bigger Picture

    This was a mjor revelation. Here Jim Allister is, the man who said no to double jobbing and family dynasties and an end to corruption…

    Then we find out he worked as a barrister while being an MEP, he employs all of his family and he pays rent to himself and trousers any spare cash that he receives for his flights and sustinance from Europe.

    The only problem is that this piece is so badly written, it is being glossed over.

  • ??

    so ontop of his salary ALlister makes money from his flights and daily alowance
    He also pays his daughter, wife and son and pays £5000 to his family in rent

    Is that not a dynasty?

  • Stunning wisdom from the great man from 51 min 55 sec in on yesterday’s Nolan via listen again. Something wrong with either his voice or his phone line – he sounds like a dalek on that clip.

  • ??

    sammy whats ur feeling for the elction so far

  • Watcher

    Seems to me the DUP are getting very rattled. Are they trying to distract our attention from something? Are there more revelations about to come out in the Telegraph? Can Nigel Dodds explain why his expenses claim was 13th highest out of the entire body of MPs? Didn’t he employ his wife and his son?

    Nobody really cares who does Jim’s or Peter’s typing but the public is fed up with the political dynasties – 2 Dodds, 2 McCreas, 2 Paisleys, 3 Robinsons if you count councillors, mostly double-jobbing as well.

  • “no family dynasty”

    Andrew, perhaps Jim was referring to public representatives.

  • Paul Kielty

    Give them all the average industrial wage. Parliments (British/Irish/European) block book flights, surely they could get them daily/second day, for buttons on an annual block booking.
    Overnight stay in a 2/3 class bed and breakfast.
    Allowed ONE PA/secretary, not related, Same party activist allowed naturally; paid the same as MP/TD/MEP/MLA.
    Problem sorted!!
    Do you think that under these terms of employment, we would get better or worse political representation?

  • Bigger Picture


    So just because Nolan challenges Jim Allister on his expenses and it is then highlighted here, how is that distracting attention?

    When asked simple questions we find that he has been double jobbing and paying rent to himself, and all that in the light of his principled stand. I think you are the one who is rattled.

    “Didn’t he employ his wife and his son?”

    Surely this would be “doesn’t he employ his wife and son?” if you are trying to make the same argument? Why would you put it in the past tense?

    And third,

    “the public is fed up with the political dynasties – 2 Dodds, 2 McCreas, 2 Paisleys, 3 Robinsons if you count councillors, mostly double-jobbing as well.”

    I have had this out with alan56 already. For family dynasties, this should read “no wife or child should apply”. I do trust that no Allister family member has any political aspirations………..


    “Andrew, perhaps Jim was referring to public representatives”

    At least public representatives put themselves up for election on a democratic vote.

  • watcher


    “Surely this would be “doesn’t he employ his wife and son?” if you are trying to make the same argument? Why would you put it in the past tense?”

    I’m assuming Diane is too busy at the moment to be working for Nigel as well but maybe you know better….

  • Inspector Cleauso

    I am absolutely certain that Jim Allister did more legal work while an MEP than he implied in the Nolan interview, I know one of his clients very well!

  • Paul Kielty

    Commonnn yoooouu Jim! Commonnn yoooouu Jim!!

    Vote spliting, family disputes, in-fighting.

    I love it!!

    Commonnn yoooouu Jim!!!

    What a nonsense, vigorously debated over a cup of tea( with a wee drop) at the lodge, or a bottle of ‘bow’ on the street.

    Onward christian solders, onward!!!

    Christ help us!!

  • Bigger Picture


    I have no idea it just seems a strange way to put it, he either does or doesn’t employ his wife and son, which is it? You haven’t answered the question

  • P45

    Anyone know what Jim, Ruth, Karen and Philip’s plans are for post 4th June?

  • Simsy Boy

    It’s never good when a politician speaks in the third person. Simsy Boy doesn’t like it!

    Jim Allister’s campaign is so flawed it just plain annoying now.