Picamp: we’re looking for ‘game changing’ ideas for politics…

Joanne Jacobs has emailed in a session idea for the PICamp event that we’re organising a week today at Queens University. For those of you that haven’t ever been to an Unconference, they’re quite exciting and energetic events. There are no fixed speakers and no formal agenda, and they’re great for flushing out ideas.

We’re looking for gamechanging ideas about politics, government and the media. Sometimes disruptive ideas can be really useful, and we’d like to see some of the campaigning that’s happened elsewhere happen here and slightly shake up our local and national settlement.
Joanne’s idea may be of particular interest to anyone who was at Barcamp Belfast a few weeks ago.

It is as follows:

‘Collaborating with the Capital’
Discussion on tactics and possible regularly scheduled exchanges with London-based social media groups for social media case stories discussion and resource sharing.

Want to cover:
– what needs are in Belfast in terms of resources and idea sharing
– what’s worked in the past
– how often we should meet
– what tools we can use for meetings
– what’s currently happening in Belfast and how much a sharing relationship might be useful.

We could also think about measurement mechanisms and tactics.

Now a bit of housekeeping. If you’re coming along next Tuesday afternoon, please register at http://www.picamp.org – hurry up – places are going fast!

If you twitter, please follow us at http://www.twitter.com/picamp – and send a few tweets out about the event to anyone who’s following you.

Mick is founding editor of Slugger. He has written papers on the impacts of the Internet on politics and the wider media and is a regular guest and speaking events across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Twitter: @MickFealty