Picamp: we’re looking for ‘game changing’ ideas for politics…

Joanne Jacobs has emailed in a session idea for the PICamp event that we’re organising a week today at Queens University. For those of you that haven’t ever been to an Unconference, they’re quite exciting and energetic events. There are no fixed speakers and no formal agenda, and they’re great for flushing out ideas.

We’re looking for gamechanging ideas about politics, government and the media. Sometimes disruptive ideas can be really useful, and we’d like to see some of the campaigning that’s happened elsewhere happen here and slightly shake up our local and national settlement.
Joanne’s idea may be of particular interest to anyone who was at Barcamp Belfast a few weeks ago.

It is as follows:

‘Collaborating with the Capital’
Discussion on tactics and possible regularly scheduled exchanges with London-based social media groups for social media case stories discussion and resource sharing.

Want to cover:
– what needs are in Belfast in terms of resources and idea sharing
– what’s worked in the past
– how often we should meet
– what tools we can use for meetings
– what’s currently happening in Belfast and how much a sharing relationship might be useful.

We could also think about measurement mechanisms and tactics.

Now a bit of housekeeping. If you’re coming along next Tuesday afternoon, please register at http://www.picamp.org – hurry up – places are going fast!

If you twitter, please follow us at http://www.twitter.com/picamp – and send a few tweets out about the event to anyone who’s following you.

  • kensei

    I had to google “social media group”. What you mean is PR. I’ll give them points for getting people to actually use the term.

  • Kensei,

    It means nothing of the sort. My understanding of it would include examples like Barcamp Belfast, GovWeb – http://www.ukgovweb.org/ or any one of dozens of informal social networks that hold informal non-profit conferences that aim to promote collaboration.

  • ‘Collaborating with the Capital’

    An intriguing but misleading heading, Mick. As a culchie, I sort of feel excluded from this London-Belfast media club. Also, in the Capital context, I can think of three that impinge significantly here in Northern Ireland: London, Dublin and Belfast. Maybe that’s just a disruptive idea 😉

  • Mick Fealty
  • Mick Fealty


    Indeed, it does have a slightly unfortunate connotation, I hadn’t spotted before pressing ‘send’.

    But then these are simply single ideas for discussion and collaboration. North South can be in there if someone wants to bring it to the table…

    Besides, you’re an award winning blogger, for goodness sake, how can you be excluded…? 😉

  • There are already lots of meetings. Refresh happens every month and unites those interested in web design and standards (http://refreshbelfast.org), OpenCoffee is fortnightly for anyone interested in technology and startups (http://opencoffeebelfast.com) and we have regular monthly Flickr meetups (http://www.flickr.com/groups/belfast/) at which attendance is growing at an exponential rate.

    We’ve also got regular unconferences – BarCamp etc – and a conference on web design coming up in November – http://www.buildconference.com.

    Pretty much everything you’d find anywhere else – and more.

  • kensei


    I am none the wiser to what the hell it actually is.

  • Mick Fealty

    Try following some of Andy’s links…

  • I don’t see any reason why the session shouldn’t encompass communication with informal social media networks (Kensei – you’ve been given some links and there’s lots of content behind them) elsewhere apart from London. There’s a few in Ireland – here: http://barcamp.org/BarCampIreland3

    And there are plenty elsewhere in Europe, the US and beyond.

    The idea is to come up with new ideas and adapt good ones that have been tried elsewhere.

  • Paulie, I demand 50/50 gender balance; it’s a Patten Principle 🙂

  • There are other ways to meet The Laydeez Nevin 😉

  • kensei


    I did. We have


    Some photgraphs.


    A meeting group for web design.


    A list of dates.


    A conference.

    Clear as mud. As much as I can gather, you seem to want to network and talk about networking and talking, whcih all seems somewhat Meta for my tastes.

  • BarCamp Belfast is just over – 300 people showed up making it one of the largest BarCamps in the UK.


  • Mick Fealty

    And that’s the flippin’ point Kensei. People MEETING and DOING stuff together!

  • kensei


    Ah. It’s just when you slip into buzzwordese, you lose part of the population. I await the “social media group” discussing organising social media groups about organising social media groups and possible synergies therein.

    That would be the Social Media Group on Social Media in Political Innovation, or NAMBLA.

  • Dave

    “And that’s the flippin’ point Kensei. People MEETING and DOING stuff together!”

    So it’s a swingers thing then? Slugger is becoming a bit too liberal for southern conservatives.

  • kensei


    Also: terrorist cells could fall under this criteria. As could GAA or football clubs. And my jujitsu club. Who knew?

    It does, however, seem to exclude Stormont which fails on the latter criteria 😛

  • Mick Fealty

    Janey mac. I’m up for a joke as much as anyone else, but no one loves a smart arse…

  • Pigeo Toes

    “Sometimes disruptive ideas can be really useful”

    Obviously the most “disruptive idea” would be non-participation.

    Sorry couldn’t resist the utter bolloxology of an “unconference”

    -” how often we should meet
    – what tools we can use for meetings
    – what’s currently happening in Belfast and how much a sharing relationship might be useful.

    We could also think about measurement mechanisms and tactics.”, which pretty much sounds like a formal agenda to me.

  • total brasseye

    Finally, a definition of the term clusterfuck.

  • Well, I’m keen to encourage people to come along, but even I won’t promise that it will be *that* interesting….