Nicholson to publish expenses in next European Parliament

Over on the Newsletter Live Chat today Jim Nicholson is being grilled by the NI public.

The issue of expenses has come up and he stated that he would publish his expenses in the next European Parliament.

“No doubt the questions of expenses come from what is happening at Westminster. The European system is far from perfect but bears no resemblence to the Westminster system. i was appointed by the president of the parliament to the working party to reform the European system. This has now happened and will happen immediately after the new parliament resumes. I have already pledged to publish my expenses in the next Parliament.”

Why don’t you do it now Jim, and Bairbre?

  • Cushy Glenn

    Hear hear Andrew
    What’s the reason for secrecy?

  • I have to agree with you on this one Andrew. Full disclosure now in order for the public to determine whether Nicholson should have their vote. I’ve said the same thing here:

    [i]”One thing that Jim Nicholson is now honour-bound to do is to publish his MEP expenses in the same manner as Jim Allister has done (also see Slugger). I somehow doubt that will happen, but I would view it as crucial to getting some ‘trust’ back into politics.”

  • Andrew

    I am all for transparency Cushy Glenn … particularly in Europe.

  • Carson’s Cat

    Hooooooold on a minute there….

    Yes all the MEPs should publish their expenses now, but lets not hold up Allister as some paragon of virtue.

    He has only published some of his expenses – the stuff which was already publicly available. He has published nothing extra, none of the details which people might want to know.

    He also claimed on the radio that he didn’t get a “food allowance” – maybe not, but he gets something by a different name which covers the same thing. Jim uses a bit of lawyerly word dodging to answer some of his questions.

    What we should be asking is that the MEPs all publish their expenses to the same standards and detail which is coming forward from MPs.

    Can’t imagine that Jimmy Nic is going to lead the way on this one though – too many moonlit cruises in Sydney might come to light.

    Lets start with asking the MEPs what they do with the remainder of the 1200 Euros they get every time they fly to Brussels – no matter how much their travel actually cost. With 50 quid Ryanair flights it sounds like a nice little earner to me!

  • ??

    whats jim nic hiding, and how much does Jim Allisters flights cost individually >???

    what are the MEPs hiding

  • fin

    why not put more pressure on others by publishing his EU expenses to date, the taxpayers alliance claim you can become a millionaire in one term,

  • jake the snake

    Someone who knows more than me about the system can probably clarify this, but Nicholson said something on Inside Politics that MEPs don’t get any mileage for travel within Northern Ireland, is that right? So, despite having 18 constituencies to cover, they get nothing, whereas MLAs and MPs can claim travel for their one? Is that correct?

    And, on a completely non-expenses note, is it just my browser or is the comments text in this thread all italics?

  • Sod the lot of them – vote for Parsley i say.

  • Greenflag

    oh dear – FF, FG , Labour MEP’s are you listening . Good man Nicholson . No time like the present . Nows the best time anyway . With all the rest of the fit hitting the shan it’ll hardly be noticed ;)?

  • Carson’s Cat

    “whats jim nic hiding,”

    Everything it would seem

    “and how much does Jim Allisters flights cost individually???”

    Doubt he’s likely to fess up on that one. Totalling a few hundred quid profit on every journey over 5 years could make moat-claiming MPs look positively prudent!


    Do not be to hard on Jim Nic he has only had twenty years to publish this informatiom

    I do not remember RIP /John Tayor/John Hume
    providing this information I only MEP that
    has is James Alister QC

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    Of all my problems with the UU aspect of my laughing Tory unionism, Dumbo Jumbo encapsulsates most of them.

    Let’s briefly recap: 1.) he’s a dud who has done nothing for the party, when he should have used his safe bully-pulpit, and province-wide mandate, to be our primary electioneering cheerleader in *every* poll; 2.) he’s a dud who can barely manage to approach even Michael Martinesque levels of rhetoric; 3.) for what astonishingly little it’s worth – the Strasbourg Assembly has the rare distinction of being an even bigger joke than Stormont, and still more powerless, corrupt and pointless to boot – he’s achieved nothing in the entire time he’s spent in Europe. Not one thing. Of course he’ll point to his standing on various internal committees, and I’ll reply, not one thing. Oh & 4.) if it wasn’t for ‘the Paisleyites’, he wouldn’t even be festering there, so lacklustre are his campaigning techniques and claims upon our attention.

    I’ve no doubt he will limp in third yet again, but so what? What different would it make if some vote-shredding fluke sent the SDLP there in his stead? And that’s, from a Unionist standpoint, the ultimate indictment of his unalloyed uselessness.

  • Big Maggie

    “Sod the lot of them – vote for Parsley i say.”

    With a surname like that shouldn’t he be representing the Greens? :^)

  • Big Maggie

    So it wasn’t the

    Maybe it’s this one:

  • Big Maggie

    I give up! I’ll consult with my grandson. He’s forgotten more about html than I know.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Lets see the dupes publish Paisley’s expenses, also those of Allister while he represented them. None of us can truly compare them unless we are in possession of all the facts. When can we expect to see them, dupes?

  • Disinterested observer

    Surely the DUP as a party should have insisted Jim Allister publish his expenses details when he was acting as their MEP I mean if they didnt they might be accused of hypocrisy?

    It would be as bad as standing on one electorate platform and doing a complete U turn on your main policy weeks after the election.

    Come to think of it surely the DUP have the details of Jim Allister’s expenses claims when he was their MEP and could publish them.

    Perhaps the ‘families’ – Dodds’, Robinson’s and Paisley’s should look abit closer to home in their quest for transparency

  • Bigger Picture

    Intelligence Insider,

    I think it is up to Jim Allister to release them. The fact the DUP are calling for all his expenses to be released is evidence enough that the DUP are quite happy to see them released. What odds?

    Paisley is in the past, you don’t see John Hume’s expenses being trailed up now either. Jim Allister has stood very clearly (and i might add very shakily) on the grounds that he is up for transparency and has attacked others for not doing so. So stop with the attacks back and just answer the questions. Or is it a case of the best form of defence is attack?

  • Silverline

    Jim needs to explain

    A) Who owns the office in Belfast
    B) Does he rent it and how much
    C) Do family members work for him
    D) How much does he claim for airline tickets

  • north belfast watcher

    The fact that Jim Nicholson is refusing to publish his expenses until the next term clearly demonstrates he has something to hide. He is the only Tory candidate who hasn’t done so and it has actually attracted negative comment on the Tory blogs. Google Jim Nicholson and expenses together and you will find it.

    Nicholson makes a lot of the fact that he is on a variety of committees etc in Brussels and especially of the fact that he is a “Quaestor”, which he uses to suggest that he is held in high regard in the Parliament.

    I am open to correction, but as far as I can see, Quaestor is a position analagous to Conductor on the Gravy Train. The only definition I have found describes Quaestors as the people appointed to look after the financial interests of MEPs. This presumably means that the boul Jim knows how to work every move going (maybe he doesn’t actually work them, but then we won’t know that unless he publishes his expenses claims, will we?).

    Finally on the expenses point, all of our MEPs need to answer this question – why did they vote against publication of the Galvin Report? This document, for those who don’t know, detailed the widespread and systematic abuse of allowances by MEPs. It describes the levels of money that can be claimed and the wizard wheezes that MEPs have been using. It can be found on

  • LE

    Silverline are you a spoon?

    It’s like you have those four questions on standby re: any JA post.

    Read his Newsletter interview.

    He has already said on several occasions that he owns his Constituency Office and his daughter works for him…

    Maybe you should read up a little bit more before pressing Ctrl+V