So someone finally asked me why it’s the Ulster Conservative and Unionist New Force, or CUMBLA.

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10 F#@king Years – NAMBLA
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I love the Daily Show.

  • I thought it was a South Park reference myself, Ken. And laughed all the more for it. Definitely one of your better contributions to mean and nasty political abuse!

  • DC

    As if the scandal over expenses doesn’t half prove the retoxification of the Tories, try this too:

  • blinding

    You would have thought that they could give him a job leaking the details of Tory MPs expenses.

    For the good of the voter and taxpayer. What a missed opportunity.

  • Doctor Who

    It is of course a South Park reference, the two NAMBLAS being the North American Marlon Brandon Look Alike Society and the North American Man Boy Love Association.

    So Ken it would´ve be funny just to use NAMBLA, nevermind next time maybe.

  • kensei

    Doctor Who

    I know I could ahve used NAMBLA, but I liked the Daily Show’s habit of changing the acroynm as appropriate and thought it gave it some local colour.

  • Kensei, how’s about NIMBLA – real dough but lighter – or the rural Ulster RUMBLA amongst the bushes of Tyrone 🙂

    PS I can see why they didn’t go for Conservative and Unionist, a New Tradition.

  • Smug O’ Toole

    I’m much more of a Colbert Report person. Far superior to the Daily show.