Proof Northern Ireland is not a country……

Results are in. Super duper hyped new computational search engine Wolfram|Alpha has done it’s stuff and Northern Ireland is not a country.

Sorry Unionists!

  • Brian Walker

    I’m glad to see you’ve found a really good use for it. (Mind you, they say it’s got limitations..)

  • Kensei

    I actually wanted to see if it could pump out electoral data from here over a long time period and started working backwards until I got to this point and it was just too good to resist.

    I have to have to say I haven’t found it terribly useful so far, but it looks like the type of thing that would need a lot of data in the correct format, so it will probably take time to mature.

  • Kensei, I got the same result when I typed in ‘Benedict is Pope’ 🙂

  • Kensei

    Sorry, Nevin, but that doesn’t count. For a start, I don’t think it says anywhere it does people and second, you can’t compute religion. Duh.

    The Vatican City is in there, though:

  • Driftwood

    No-one ever said Northern Ireland is a country. It’s a province of the United Kingdom. Wales isn’t a country, it’s a principality. Yorkshire likes to pretend it’s a country. So does the Irish Republic. But they’re just regions of the British Isles.
    Actually the Isle of Man is more independent of the UK than Southern Ireland as it isn’t part of the EU.

  • Kensei

    Ah. Didn’t take long for those that lack a sense of humour to arrive. Also: Wales is in there:


  • 6countyprod

    How trivial and pathetic can one get?

  • Big Maggie

    “How trivial and pathetic can one get? ”

    In this great wee province of ours, a lot, lot worse than that :^)

  • Driftwood

    Wales appears to be in Cheshire!

    But then South Dublin should really be in Kensington. Last visit there, they thought they were. Spiritually.

    North Dublin….Bogota.

  • PaddyReilly

    For some purposes Wales and Cheshire are merged. The Welsh Legal Circuit springs to mind.

  • Sean Dempsey

    “Actually the Isle of Man is more independent of the UK than Southern Ireland as it isn’t part of the EU.”

    Sneaky UK bastards, taking control of the EU like that.And keeping it on the DL.

    ..And driftwood, all of North Dublin?? Sheriff Street to Malahide?

  • Donnacha

    In an attempt to clear up whether Gerry Adams actually is the antichrist, I typed in who is the antichrist. The answer came up as Cecilia Holland. Is this Gerry’s nom d’apocalypse?

  • The Wolfram Alpha people are a very sober, serious crowd, who wouldn’t waste their time with this kind of trivia. Here’s the proof:

  • Oiliféar

    “Actually the Isle of Man is more independent of the UK than Southern Ireland as it isn’t part of the EU.”

    Quite. And the opposite is also true: “Actually the Isle of Man is more independent of Southern Ireland than the UK as it isn’t part of the EU.”

    Indeed this too is true: “Actually the UK is more independent of the Isle of Man than Southern Ireland as it isn’t part of the EU.”

    In fact the only permutation I can think of that isn’t true is: “Actually the UK is more independent of Southern Ireland than the Isle of Man as it isn’t part of the EU.”

    Union, you see. Not domination. Geddit?

    I do love what the make of “British Isles” though.

  • Oiliféar

    (Click “Use as a class of islands” when you follow the above link.)

  • Kensei

    Sigh. I posted a couple of serious topics tonight too. I suppose I had no preconceptions on which thread would get the most traffic…..

  • Big Maggie

    I’d never even heard of the island of Yell until tonight.

    Hoy and Yell, names with real resonance :^)

  • DC

    It’s about effective ideas not geographical scenery really, and in fact localism looks better than nationalism given Bertie Ahern’s 200,000 euro on makeup and his pleading that having a lack of electronic bank account is quite natural in the year 2000, coupled with westminster expenses meltdown.

    Country, what’s that, is it music i take it you mean?

  • An fhirinne gharbh

    Has any research been carried out into Northern Ireland as a state of mind?

  • Delta Omega

    Hi Ken

    A picture says a thousand words – look at the map for the UK and the map for Ireland on this site – says it all.


  • “I don’t think it says anywhere it does people”

    So you didn’t check, you plonker 😉

    Try Gerry Adams, Ian Paisley, …

    Ballymena is there; Cullybackey is there; Our Wee Ulster isn’t.

  • kensei


    So you didn’t check, you plonker 😉

    I am an idiot. I tried a few things that didn’t work, then looked at the examples down the side and didn’t see any for people. What you want then, is “Benedict XVI”.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Cheers for that Kensei. Proof, as if it where needed, that Irish people only live in the free state and everyone in Northern Ireland is British. Type in Britain or Ireland to check your nationality!

  • Declining Educational Standards

    Southern Ireland has not existed since 1921 az ani fule no.

  • eranu

    Proof Northern Ireland is nothing to do with the Republic of Ireland and is actually the UK 🙂

    (sorry never learned the link thing)

    see outline of ROI in different colour as country Ireland

    also see Bordering Countries – United Kingdom 🙂

  • Kensei
  • redhugh78

    Since when was Ireland ‘the British Isles’?

  • eranu

    oops, i thought you had to do some html for a link. seems to have displayed as a link for me in IE with justing pasting the text URL

  • eranu

    redhugh, all of Ireland is still geographically termed The British Isles. sure its nothing to get worked up about is it?? 🙂

  • Kensei


    That rather depends on where your atlas comes from, I believe.

  • redhugh78

    Eranu, Is it? by whom and on what basis?

  • eranu

    any atlas ive seen kensei, and Wikipedia –
    “The British Isles are a group of islands off the northwest coast of continental Europe that include Great Britain and Ireland, and numerous smaller islands.[7] There are two sovereign states located on the islands: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Ireland.[8] The British Isles also includes the Crown Dependencies of the Isle of Man and, by tradition, the Channel Islands, although the latter are not physically a part of the island group.[9]”

    although perhaps Andytown Publishing have their own shinner approved version 🙂

    by everyone apart from extreme irish nationalist types who go hopping mad at any mention of the word ‘british’, much to everyone elses bemusement! 🙂
    usually used in nature programs and such like when talking about the flora and fauna of the …… brace yourself!…. British Isles 😀

    no more on this from me.

  • The Truth

    Britain and its isles lie to the east of Ireland and no amount of slaved mindedness will change that. Embrace the truth my dear planters.

  • kensei


    Neither of which are authoritative sources. We have done this before ad naseum. Have a search.

  • For Cod and Bluster


    Don’t like wikipedia? Fine, try:

    Encyclopedia Britannica (OK, no surprise here…)


    Oh, and finally…

    The “British Isles” get 56 mentions in the ‘Catholic Encyclopedia’ alone! Arf!×0&q=British+Isles&cof=FORID:9#920

  • Big Maggie

    My friends in British North America would take issue with that.

  • Oiliféar

    Fair play to Britannica: “Although the term British Isles has a long history of common usage, it has become increasingly controversial, especially for some in Ireland who object to its connotation of political and cultural connections between Ireland and the United Kingdom.”

  • The Truth

    Britain is Britain, no more, no less. Don’t believe the British North America nonsense either, its just North America.

  • Big Maggie

    “its just North America.”

    or Canada.

  • Oiliféar


    See here or here. (You will need to click on “More”.)

    Sorry Kensei!

    (And Intelligence Insider, click here.)

  • The Real World Disagrees