Beware photo-ops on slippery rocks

On Stormont Live today, Jim Fitzpatrick and Mark Devenport had some fun with the video of a less than surefooted Sinn Féin launch of Bairbre de Brun’s election campaign at the Belfast Waterworks. Where was the Waterworks Health and Safety officer? Almost a “Kinnock”, indeed. And, as the man says, it’s on YouTube.. [Well, it is now – Ed]. Unlike the party’s official Election Broadcast..

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    I think they have a cheek to use North Belfast to launch their manifesto. I mean the Shinners have done absolutely bog all for the decent people in North Belfast. Now if you are part of the ‘world owes me a living’ brigade they will gladly fill out your DLA/Income Support form but if you work, act decently and aren’t a burden on the State they are not for you. Look at Unionist/Loyalist parts of North Belfast where you have the best public & private housing anywhere in these islands with excellent leisure facilities to boot. Compare that with Nationalist/Catholic parts of North Belfast which are bursting at the seems and are lawless, drug infested, crime ridden economic wastelands. Any large terraced houses that come on the market in North Belfast are usually bought up by private landlords and turned into flats with the usual anti-social scumbags who often inhabitate them. The property portfolios of certain Republicans usually contain these flats so their call for more housing is total double standards when some of Sinn Fein’s friends are making a fortune from the housing crisis. As a Nationalist I wouldn’t give them the time of day now, they are two faced hypocrites.

  • redhugh78

    Dry your eyes man.

    If the shinners have done ‘BOG ALL’ then why do more and more people keep voting for them?
    The fact is that SF are hard working within these communities and even their rivals would give a begrudging acknowledgement to that.
    As for this ‘property portfolio’ nonsense what a complete load of crap, a complete myth.

    p.s. I suspect you would’nt have ever given SF the time of dsy.

  • redhugh78

    Typo, day.

  • State The Facts


    Dear Red you state that people vote for Sinn Fein in more and more numbers and therefore it is because they work very hard.

    Nationalists do vote for Sinn Fein in larger numbers that is very true, but it is more to do with the SECTARIAN mindset than the delivered product by Sinn Fein.

    Many years ago during “The War” the tally boxes from South Armaghs “bandit country” were stuffed full of votes for the SDLP’s Seamus Mallon much to the disgust of the Sinn Fein party in Belfast, but the real telling point was that those who put up posters for Sinn Fein in country areas actually voted for SDLP to keep Unionists out if it was not an all Nationalist ward.

    You may find that hard to believe but just ask any Sinn Fein/SDLP/UUP/DUP tallyman and they will confirm it.
    I have spoken to “active republicans” who readily admitted that they didn’t always vote for Sinn Fein that they voted for the Nationalist who was likely to win.

    Therefore it is even more likely that ordinary nationalist would be swayed in much larger numbers to vote for a winning party, just look at any area that over years Sinn Fein claw closer and closer to SDLP very very slowly and then once they take the lead in the ward polls the SDLP vote completely implodes….
    This can only happen when an electorate is voting for the candidate with the best chance of winning.

    Add to the melting pot that the SDLP only excells at detail and legalities is absolutely useless at everthing cosmetic or media driven, then the pathway was cleared for a Sinn Fein avalanche of Nationalist wards years ago.