Lady Hermon for the sack?

Over on Tory Story NI author Seymour Major is calling for the UUP’s sole MP, Lady Hermons head if she does not fall in line with the new regime.

A question being asked by many is: will she stay or will she go?

Her absence was once again noticed at the party’s AGM on Saturday past.

  • whats the chances of her defecting to the alliance, greens or possibly running as an indie?

  • slug

    Sylvia should perhaps stand for Labour next time? There is now a Labour party organisation in NI see

  • Fair Deal

    Methinks a few UCUNF bloggers are getting carried away with themselves.

  • She was at the AGM. She gave a report.

  • Actually she wasn’t. I thought she delivered the report in person, but it was only written.

  • Michael Shilliday

    Noticed by whom Andrew?

    Seymore Major can think and write what he wants, it makes little odds. It is disengenous to place more emphasis on his thoughts on his blog than it is on what Fair Deal says here. Bad form infact.

    But Andrew “DUP RSS” Charles continues unthinkingly.

  • Glencoppagagh

    Am I right in thinking that Lady Hermon is too left-wing to support the Tories? God help us if you can’t get away with being a Tory in North Down.
    Is there anyone in any of the NI parties who’s right of centre in economic terms at least i.e. wants to reduce the role of the state?

  • Andrew


    RSS or highlighting an issue of topical debate?

    Since we’re on it maybe you can pass comment as a UUP Press officer?

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s interesting that Seymour is sailing that far out (he’s not altogether alone I suspect), but I doubt it presages anything official.

    And boys, try to keep it civil. Don’t want to start yellow carding actual Slugger bloggers… 😉

  • Michael Shilliday


    I’m not a UUP press officer.

    And it’s not an issue of topical debate. It’s taking a blog by an individual out of all proportion. Are fair deal’s thoughts on St Andrews worthy of a UUP press release?

  • Fair Deal
  • Zoon Political

    Lady Hermon would be welcome into the Alliance as she is an MP with merit and without prejudice and as a full time public representative serves her constituency with distinction.

  • Michael Shilliday

    Are Seymore Major’s comments on Lady Hermon a matter of topical debate FD?

  • DC

    “Lady Hermon would be welcome into the Alliance as she is an MP with merit and without prejudice and as a full time public representative serves her constituency with distinction.”

    How many times have I said that about this MP that she is trying to link up with New Labour to stand for that party next time round.

  • Andrew


    You’ve made your point and I reject it.

    It is something that is being talked about whether you agree with it being a topic or not.

    The DUP have a press release on it – yes – but big deal. I am raising awareness of it here.

    End of.

    Now back to the topic …

    It begs the question how much longer Lady Sylvia will last in the UUP, she has not passed comment publicly but is known not to be very happy.

    If she was to join Labours ranks and campaign as a Labour candidate in the next general election it would be interesting as such a campaign – UK Labour vs Conservative has not happened before (to my knowledge) in Ulster (certainly Liberal vs Conservative prior to the Home Rule crisis).

    If she went independent she would be following in the footsteps of her predecessors- James Kilfedder and to an extent Bob McCartney (both former Ulster Unionists).

  • the joxer

    Wouldn’t it be fairer on everyone if Sylvia Hermon finally made her view known on the link-up with the Tories?

  • fair_deal

    “Are Seymore Major’s comments on Lady Hermon a matter of topical debate FD?”

    You are engaging in reductionism. Sylvia Hermon’s position is a matter of topical debate based on the MSM articles. SM’s blog article was his personal response to those items in the MSM to which he is entitled to make and to which any blogger can link to.

    He makes a direct reference to the MSM pieces:
    “The signs are that the momentum on this question is gathering within the media. On the Politics Show yesterday, Jim Fitzpatrick pressed Sir Reg Empey about it. Today, there is a leading article on the matter in the Belfast Telegraph”

    Also SM’s blog makes clear that the website content is not strict party line “Although my articles and comments are likely to be within the Conservative Party line, some of them may not necessarily represent official party policy.”

    You may desire it not to be a topic and/or that SM didn’t feel moved to blog on the topic but it remains a topical debate.

  • DC


    She (and Labour party officials) really should consider it, as it seems that Sylvia is a liberal social democrat and has voted in line with New Labour.

    There are over 200 Labour members in NI that would only be too willing to get her returned on that ticket, especially a party that is doing its best to get people through the downturn fairly.

  • Andrew


    Yes it would be very interesting.

    I know some involved in NI Labour and they are pushing for it.

  • BC

    There are other parties she could jump to…such as the DUP.

    – Although I think shillidays psychologist would beg her not to!

  • Andrew


    That has been suggested to me by one senior UUP member.

    But I am not aware of any discussions.

  • Colin S

    Perhaps Michael could run for North Down.

  • BC

    LOL it would certainly give us all a good laugh!

  • DC

    Not as big a laugh as the Doc when he did his uturn and then was too old to adequately hold down the first minister’s post. Funny, eh?

  • Seymour Major,

    You are flavour of the day over at the DUP:

    With friends like you, does UCUNF need all of its enemies?

  • Bigger Picture


    Surely if you are going to dismiss the thoughts and comments of bloggers (in this instance Seymour Major), you are completely wasting your time as a blogger?

    Secondly you are quite happy to have speculation from a whole host of blogs when it helps you in concocting some story to try and take another pop at the DUP.

    Third, at least this is a coherent story. A couple of days ago you tried to attack the DUP on their cost saving measures by piecing two stories together that supported this instead of contradicting it.

    Finally, the next time you express an opinion on slugger on an issue can we dismiss this as simply not worthy of debate on this basis you are dismissing Seymour Major?

  • Silverline

    If Lady Hermon is deliberately withholding declaring her position, then the UUP ought to provide her with an ultimatum to do so within the next week or so. The terms of the ultimatum should be that if she fails to state her position before it expires, she forfeits her right to be selected as the candidate for North Down.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Is it possible she is fence sitting to see how Nicholson does, a good result she agrees, a bad result she says ‘I told you so’.

    I however think she has made it clear in the past she is opposed to the agreed UUP’s policy and the CU deal, so where does she go?

    Would she be deselected or resign?

  • Querulous

    The arrogance of these UCUNF/Tory bloggers really beggars belief.

    The threat that Lady Hermon should “stand down or face deselection” (!) is really laughable – the Hermon brand is far stronger in North Down than the Tory and UUP brand put together.

    And all this from an arrogant blogger representing a Tory party which has tiny support in Northern Ireland – less than the DUP polled in West Belfast as Arlene Foster put it!

    The UCUNF Tories seem to think they deserve the world on a plate and can make whatever demands they like – I’m sure that Sylvia, if she decided, could happily stand as an Independent Unionist, as UK Labour or as Alliance and get easily re-elected. She’s that relative rarity in contemporary UK politics, an MP who genuinely has the affection of her electorate.

    UCUNF have really lost the plot and seem intent on narrowing their potential support base as much as possible. Seems old UUP habits die hard…..

  • Querulous

    Besides – if Nicholson really bombs on June 4th and fails to poll even the minimum 18-20% needed to look respectable and justify the Tory merger – surely Lady Hermon would be the obvious candidate for the leadership?

    Empey’s been on borrowed time for, well, quite a long time now to put it mildly and it’s doubtful that the UUP grassroots, already sceptical about being swallowed up by Tories, would stand for another sub-18% result.

    If things go badly on June 4th Reg will be out on his ear and they’ll be casting around for a new leader.

    To regain any credibility after the Tory merger the UUP will need someone not associated in the public eye with what would then be seen as a politically disastrous merger.

    Lady Hermon – who’s been mentioned has having reservations in practically every media article on the Tory merger – would be the obvious candidate. In the public eye she’s in no way associated with the Tories.

    As leader she could then kill off the merger and over time restore the UUP as the voice of sensible, moderate, non-sectarian unionism. She could also help bring back all the centrist and left-of-centre former UUP supporters who were forced out because of the Tories.

    I’d watch this space…

  • Frustrated Democrat


    In politics no one has any affection, least of all someone who jumps ship.

  • fair_deal


    “In politics no one has any affection, least of all someone who jumps ship.”

    The political class and electorate are two different things. Also if Hermon was served with an ultimatum or de-selected it would look like pushed not jumped.

  • the joxer

    Are the Ulster Unionists stupid enough to get rid of their only remaining MP?

  • jaffa

    “Are the Ulster Unionists stupid enough to get rid of their only remaining MP?”

    And to alienate the people of North Down by expelling their chosen MP, while attempting to run on a Conservative platform.

    I think the answer might be yes.

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    “Are the Ulster Unionists stupid enough to get rid of their only remaining MP?” We [sic] were stupid enough to support Trimble as he reduced enough us to merely having one MP. I think you’ll find we’re quite stupid enough to do anything. Go on, dare us . . .

  • Zoon Politikon

    If, and it is looking very likly that Labour will lose the next election it would not be to Lady Herman’s interest to jump from a ship into the sea. However if it is a hung Parliament that is entirely different….

  • jaffa

    How come no-one talks about fair votes for Westminster elections anymore? Even today the voting intentions poll shows the Tories on about 43%. Labour have lost more potential electors to the Liberals in the last year. Maybe more people would prefer a Cabinet with Vince Cable as Chancellor than any of the one party options.

    Anyone know whether Labour would keep more seats under STV than FPTP on current voting intentions?

  • Zoon Politikon

    I just had a thought there is a possibility be it a very low probability that Lady Herman could become secretary of state for Northern Ireland in a Tory Government 🙂

  • Seymour Major

    I have been criticised on this thread for blogging about a perfectly legitimate issue which is in the public domain. I have no inside knowledge or confidential information about Lady Sylvia.

    I note that I have been criticised by some UUP supporters and that some from other parties have felt obliged to leap to my defence. That is very disappointing.

    Lets get one thing straight. I am not a party official. I have licence to criticise my own party just as Conservative.home does. I value my independence, just as they do.

    Quite frankly, it does not matter whether I or anybody else draws attention to the North Down situation. It is a problem. The longer it goes on, the more likely it is that the speculation will turn into a farce and become damaging to the Conservatives and Unionists. Nobody can disagree with that.