Colin and Brian, the Northern Ireland Daleks…

These guys obviously have a bit of an audience already… But this morning they put up episode 4 of Colin and Brian, the Northern Ireland Daleks… Nice production work, and the content is definately getting sharper as they go on… Could do with pushing into the same kind of political territory as the Langerland crew in the south…

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  • Seimi

    Very good 🙂
    They should introduce an Irish-speaking Dalek, a Gadhlaic Dalek if you will – ASPIRATE! ASPIRATE! 😉

    I’ll just be gettin’ me coat…..

  • Paul McMahon

    Well a chara, at least it’s less offensive than your original version.


  • Seimi

    He he 🙂 I know, that was terrible!

  • Comrade Stalin

    Completely unfunny and boring.

  • CW

    Which begs the question does Dr Who have a genuine doctorate or was it some dodgy title awarded in questionable circumstances by some American fundamentalit evangelical university?