Yesterday a rally held in Belfast protesting at job losses focused on what the government can do for workers. It only attracted a crowd of 200. However is protesting really the way forward? Surely we’ve left the riots and protests behind us in the last century?

Losing a job and being stuck in unemployment in the current econmic state is depressing. Afterall, unemployment isn’t easy (for those who want to work).

However maybe people should be proactive. We cannot rely solely on the government and blame them when something goes wrong. We need to take a step back and look at ourselves and each other.

I do think a large responsibility for the current economic crisis has to be laid on the door of the banks, and I resent the fact that the government is bailing so many of them out whilst the directors responsible walk away with large severance packages.

Moderate government intervention is the right thing to do, but essentially we have to take responsibility for our own actions and re-assess how we can do things better.

Capitalism is not a solid foundation, but allows us the freedom of choice, direction and free will. A more restrictive model would not be the answer as the whole question surrounds funding.

The way forward is for people to ‘plough on’, if you cant get a job – go sign on – thats what the Social Security System is there for. However continually seek ways to reenter the job market. Jobs are out there, maybe not exactly what we want to do, but things will turn around – we just have to wait it out.

People should stop complaining. We should take note of our mistakes, but we need to move forward with confidence for all our sakes.

Long time political hack