Republic sliding back to uncertainty on Lisbon…

According to the latest ComRes Euro briefing the climate regarding Lisbon treaty has flipped…

With 58% of Irish voters having backed the Lisbon Treaty in the last public opinion poll, it now appears as if skepticism towards the document is once again in the rise with only 46% of respondents favouring its ratification. While less than a third of respondents record their opposition to the treaty, 27% describe themselves as “unsure”.

Hmmm… As Quintin Oliver of Stratagem noted (referenced in this post Lisbon thread), the Yes proponents need to be up by 20 points before the start of the campaign to stand decent chance of winning… I’d say it’s tight enough, though trending towards the Treatyites this time round. But they are only another absymal campaign and it could slip the other way.. The treaty’s complexity is its critics strongest card..

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  • Scaramoosh

    There is a line of reasoning, that joining the Euro at the wrong rate accentuated the current crisis. If persons from the NO camp, are able to articulate this line of thought, such that it captures the publics’ imagination, then there is a good chance that we will see a late surge of support for the No camp.

  • John

    Just going from memory, isn’t that the February 2009 Red C poll they are quoting? The figures look familiar. The March 2009 Red C poll showed 59pc yes, 26pc no. If I got that right, the thread is pointless.

  • Mick Fealty

    Read the whole thing John. That’s the benchmark, the later figures are today’s and indicate substantial slippage