Irish Budget day dawns…

It’s unusual in modern times for the UK and Irish budgets to appear within weeks of each other. But today Brian Lenihan gives the supplementary budget he said he wasn’t going to Here’s Dan’s summation of his last effort, Paddy’s thoughts and my own round up. This time they’ll be joined in the follow up by a Labour perspective from Conall and, we hope, a guest blog from a Fianna Fail representative. And our last live blog is here, which has a nice little punt from Fergus O’Rourke suggesting: “I don’t think this is the last of the bad budgets. Next year’s is going to be worse!” At 3.45 this afternoon, we get instalment 1b of the 2009 budget… And no one thinks it is going to be pretty… If you want to guess the shape and the weight, check out the compoSuzy will be live blogging it, as will we here below… Hastags: #bludget (and #budget I guess)…

  • Dan Sullivan

    Reading back at my post from what was only Oct 15th of last year after all, it sounds so terrible. Unemployment was factored into that budget as being an average of 7.3% for the year. I mean dear God in heaven we’re so far passed that now it’s hard to take in sometimes. And given the announcement yesterday about photo ID for collection dole I simply can’t resist highlighting my own comment

    “No doubt at some point in the near future minister Mary Hanafin will make some reference to migrant workers as being her target in this change”

    And while I noted it last time but I’m not sure if it is the case this time too that we will have a drip-drip of announcements from various departments over the Easter to make the picture appear worse again. One would hope they learned the lesson from last time.

  • Mack

    Dan –

    The October budget was an exercise in wishful thinking. I remember the government being torn to shreds on newstalk for it’s over optimistic estimates. The CSO reports unemployement was running at 7.7% back then – meaning economic growth would have been required to get us to back to an average of 7.3% for 2009.

  • Dan Sullivan

    Was the October budget the FlounderGet? Or the Fudget?

  • Mack

    Alan Ahearne’s influence very apparent.

  • GavBelfast

    So are we all still up for unity on or by 2016?

    Who’s paying?