DUP accuses UUP of double standards

The DUP has come in for attack this week over their expenses claims. Party Chairman Lord Morrow of Clogher Valley has defended the party’s reputation saying: “The DUP uses any and all allowances that we receive from Westminster and Stormont for the service of our constituents or to enable us to carry out assembly and parliamentary duties. We have the largest network of advice centres in Northern Ireland working for people on the ground.”

He has also turned the spotlight on UUP MEP Jim Nicholson accusing him of ‘Opera, Wine and cruising at the taxpayers expense’. Jim Nicholson is the most traveled British MEP according to Open Democracy, clocking up a total 40,400 106,600 air miles. What exactly has Jim Nicholson achieved for Northern Ireland in traveling around the world? Also the UUP is a party which has attacked Sammy Wilson on climate change. I don’t dare to calculated Jim Nicholson’s carbon footprint (others may do so if they wish).

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