150 years of Irish Times available

For those interested in doing a spot of research or simply some historical browsing, the entire 150-year archive of the Irish Times is freely available at the moment. The offer ends April 6th, so enjoy it while you can. Feel free to post any gems you find.

  • Oiliféar

    I took out a paid-for subscription to the Irish Times last Summer just a week before they went free online. As compensation I got the choice of an annual subscription to the archive (which they gave me a month’s trial of before I had to make my mind up) or my money back (… or an annual subscription to their sudoko, which I didn’t even entertain the thought of!).

    It’s brilliant. Loved it during Lisbon … could look back at all the previous referendums and see exactly the same arguments (literally EXACTLY) being trashed out for new every time.

    Not so sure if I would be getting my money’s worth if I had a paid subscription (and so not sure if I will be renewing it) but I would recommend anyone to take this opportunity to look through the archives. Truly fascinating.

  • Scaramoosh

    How times change ….

    Gerry Adams dismissed as rubbish, claims in the Sunday Times, that he had been appointed Chief of Staff of the IRA.

    “Mr Sammy Wilson, press officer of the DUP, said that if the British Government did not detain Mr Adams,”then loyalists, who have already made one attempt, will be totally justified in revoing Mr Adams and his underlings, by whatever means is thought most appropriate.”

    Monday August 5 – 1985.

  • Scaramoosh

    Friday 30 June 1972;

    As leaders of the UDA met to discuss their threatened weekend barricade building ….they
    appealed to Cathoilics to join with Protestants
    to “work out a new N.Ireland which will be suitable and admirable for us both.”

  • George

    August 16 1986:

    “about 150 Protestant ultras from the paramilitary organisations of Northern Ireland crossed the border with the Irish Republic early on the morning of 7th August and carried out a pogrom in the small hamlet in Clontibret.”

    Translation of Pravda’s report on now First Minister Peter Robinson’s “incursion” into the Irish Republic.

  • Scaramoosh

    Tuesday May 15 1973 – At the height of the troubles (front page);

    “Lisburn Court was told that during a loyalist parade, in Lisburn on February 7th, a youth threw a stone at a licenced premises. Kenneth Orr, apprentice joiner, was fined fifteen pounds.”

  • Scaramoosh

    Little remembered story. Paisley denial regarding connection to bombs in Ulster in 1969;


  • Ulick

    SITUATIONS VACANT – Junior Shorthand Typist. Protestant. (1959)

    DUBLIN FREE OF FOG – Dublin was free of dense fog throughout most of yesterday. (1958)

    LONDON AS IT IS TODAY (about the blitz) – In those … streets I saw demolition squads as black as niggers … (1940)

  • Scaramoosh

    In the days when the Provos wandered freely around Dundalk, and would often drive down to the border to engage the British Army in gun battles.
    Often, as in this instance, the Gardai seemed incapable, or unwilling, to do much about it (a situation, that was of course not to last forever);


  • Brian MacAodh

    Paisley should know that lying, even about bombing taigs, is a sin.

    What a joke that man is, and the bigots who look up to him even more so.

  • Scaramoosh
  • Brian MacAodh

    “I don’t know how it’s going to be resolved, but the IRA will not achieve its goal of direct rule.”
    British colonel, Jan 1 1972

    3 short months, and one bloody sunday later….

    (Although by that time the bulk of IRA were going for re-unification at its ultimate goal)