Jobs created in Antrim

Despite bad news today about job losses at Ulsterbus (Londonderry) and Nortel (Newtownabbey), several hundred jobs have been created at Asda. This appears to have been missed by the media but see here and below.

South Antrim Assembly member and Antrim Councillor Trevor Clarke has today welcomed Asda to Antrim. He said that this new store will not only offer consumers better choice, but also provide the town with hundreds of jobs.

Trevor Clarke said:

“I have been in discussions with Asda for sometime now. This announcement is very good news for the people of Antrim and beyond, in not only creating hundreds of jobs, but in offering consumers more choice and competition. Jobs and competitive prices are welcome as the world faces an economic downturn. We have regularly been hearing news headlines about job losses and the rising cost of living due to the ‘credit crunch’, but this investment bucks the recent trend and is a very positive one for not only the people of Antrim, but Northern Ireland as a whole.” the DUP MLA said.

  • The Raven

    All to be welcomed. But I just want to ask – I dealt with four potential new businesses today, all of which will probably create between 4 and 8 new jobs. All four were from one borough up here on the North Coast. Two were serviced-based, two were in manufacturing and construction.

    Why is there never any celebration of their efforts and successes…? Or is just because politicians like to have their names tagged to the biggies only…?

    Anyway, Arlene. Perhaps you could tell us of some FDI successes over the past few months….

  • Reader

    Trevor Clarke: This announcement is very good news for the people of Antrim and beyond, in not only creating hundreds of jobs…
    How does that work? People will only buy so many loaves of bread or packets of crisps. So jobs gained in Asda are jobs lost in Lidl or the corner shop.
    Retail jobs aren’t new – they are just recycled.

  • The Raven

    Reader is of course, correct. But a job is a job is a job, and as I said, in some small way, worth welcoming.

    On re-reading, I notice this MLA person said “I have been in discussions with Asda for sometime now”. It would nice to know how he influenced or *thinks* he was a key player in this.

    Trevor, if you’re reading this, perhaps you could elaborate…?

  • A job isn’t really a job is a job. Completely different types of job here. Manufacturing is vital to a healthy economy, and we are getting to the point where we have next to none.

  • I wonder how a salary at Nortel compares to one at Asda.

  • politico

    I think you’ll find that the Asda application was made well before Trevor came on the assembly political scene.

    Stretching taking the credit a wee bit far Trev.

    Hows does Cllr Smyth DUP who fought tooth and nail against the proposal feel

  • Andrew Charles


    Trevor has been an Antrim Councillor since 2005 see

    Elected to the NI Assembly in 2007

  • politico

    yep thats what I said