“[For Conservatives] this is seen in sort of a UK wide perspective..”

BBC NI’s Stephen Walker’s report on the leaked Conservative Party’s proposals for a merger with the UUP, which after talks between the parties resulted instead in a political alliance, includes comments from former Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party in Northern Ireland, Jeffrey Peel. It’s followed by a short studio discussion between Jim Fitzpatrick and Mark Devenport – the post from Jeffrey Peel which Mark refers to is here. Below the fold, UUP MLA Basil McCrea refers to “the real identity that we subscribe to”.

UUP MLA Basil McCrea on that “real identity”.

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  • A little leak here, a little leak there and bish bash wallop Jeffrey Peel gets some air time!

  • I dont think that what Jeffrey Peel said on this recording matters particularly much. There was nothing new there.

    However, what Basil McCrea said was significant. When it comes to the Assembly Elections in 2011, they will be there as the Ulster Unionist Party. Does that mean we can put up our own candidates?

    This could deal a serious blow to the confidence of Conservative membership going into the meeting on Thursday.

    I am a fan of Basil as a politician. In the Assembly, he has cut Ruane up into little pieces.

    I am now grateful to him that he has been straightforward about his party’s position on Assembly elections.

  • It’s a pretty straight forward position from the Conservatives to be honest Seymour. You have only entered into negotiations for Westminster and European elections – hence you have only got agreement on those issues.

    If you had wanted to discuss Stormont and local government then proposals should have been forthcoming.

  • John K Lund / Lllamedos / Suchard

    This scoop and the Peel interview have been going off in the can nearly four weeks. This is well past its sell by date.They must be short of news items in Lilliput like a lot of BBC NI it is tired and cannot adjust to change.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    I would assume, depending on a positive outcome in the Euro and Wesminster elections, that those discussions will take place in due course on
    Council and Stormont elections.

    It would be strange and confusing to the electorate if 2 parties were to work sucessfully together in 2 elections and then decide to compete in the next 2.

  • John K Lund / Lllamedos / Suchard

    Right in one Frustrated Democrat.

  • John K Lund / Lllamedos / Suchard

    The more I wonder about the total lack of foresight and vision in the local BBC team, have none of them worked in commerce? they appear not to have any understanding of the subtleties of political pragmatism. They simply do not seem to want or try to understand the Conservatives and Unionist mindset. They seem to think that all political thought should be exercised from the hip complete with a megaphone a la Paisley. Do they not realise that a lass needs her ear nibbling and bit of titivation before she commits herself to marriage? They seem to spend their time looking for acronyms and other imaginary evils under the bed.Stop rehashing old wives tales and with some application and going outside Broadcasting House you would find something worth reporting on. Why dont you journalists do a bit of opinion polling or is the BBC so strapped for cash, after paying Johnathan Ross astronomical sums of money as well as all his other tasteless chums i.e. Russell Brand?

  • eranu

    the conservative document looked like a good idea. a merger is whats at the end of any joint ticket initiatives, so why wait? why piddle around for years wasting time talking about a new beginning for politics here? it makes no sense. i think the problem is too many old people in the UUP that cant change, or are too slow. i wish they’d hurry up and get it over with, just merge to be the NI conservatives. thats where its going. theres no point in stalling things because some old duffers might huff and puff! dont move at the speed of the slowest, move at the speed of the fastest and pull the slow people along. if old duffers dont like it and want to leave then thats good, it leaves room for new younger people to come in that arent stuck in the 1950s. it makes it possible for younger protestant and catholic (or whatever) people in NI who care about politics (health, education etc), but dont want anything to do with the stupid sectarian parties we have here, to come in and get involved. isnt that the idea?