Abortion ads on TV?

So ads for abortion services and condoms may be shown on ITV. Will they be shown on UTV I wonder? The Bel Tel lifts the story without developing a local angle.The proposed ads seem well within the range of the new NI guidelines. If shown, the terms of the ad would make a fundamental point clear.

… those against abortion will be required to make clear if they do not refer women for abortion so that delays do not result in medical complications.

Opinion divides on whether propagating sexual information encourages promiscuity and steps up the abortion rate or educates people into greater responsibility. The British state clearly believes the latter, the hear-no-evil, see-no-evil NI annex clings to the former.

  • ABC


    If so-called education and the free availability of murder for unborn children (“horrah” says you, disgusting says me) is so effective, why does the United Kingdom have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Western Europe?

  • The Devil

    Apparently the Ad will have no sound or text or moving pictures just a still photo of Tony Blair

  • danielmoran

    to brian walker. i wonder if sammy wilson has plans to block this ad also,[or is it outside his remit?] anyway, i’m sure there are enough duppers poring over their private polling figures ahead of the euro elections to decide that more tub thumping is required.
    So, as i said here or elsewhere, the duppers will be demanding exemptions for n.i. women, while turning a blind eye to their trips to england for abortions, just so the pure christian image of norn iron is kept squeaky clean.

  • Dylan

    Abortions are not actually illegal in N.I however they are only undertaken in extreme circumstances but I can see them being totally legalised here despite what the D.U.P et al think as Europe will be pushing for parity on this issue through human rights.Anyway there were ads promoting condoms on T.V in the 1980’s so its not the first time, perhaps we should be debating the role of parents in all this though, I certainly know when I grew up that I was so shit scared of my parents that getting a girl pregnant was totally unthinkable!! Abstinence and a return to more traditional parenting may go some way to easing this problem.

  • “The proposal comes in response to calls from the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV, a quango, to combat Britain’s teenage pregnancy rate, the highest in Europe, and sexually transmitted diseases.”

    It’s like putting a sticky plaster on the hull of Titanic instead of dry docking it and doing the job properly

    Social attitudes in the UK/NI stink – young people getting drunk from 11 years and upwards… what hope is there….

    You jest at the idea of Christianity – it makes a lot more sense than offering abortions as a get out clause from responsibility – mind bogglingly mad..

    Why not screen an advert showing an unborn baby being murdered – given that it’s all about informed choices these days…..

    oh don’t get me started……

  • “The British state clearly believes the latter”

    Would that be why Britain [url=http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-wellbeing/health-news/uk-has-highest-teenage-pregnancy-rate-in-europe-397153.html]has had such wonderful success[/url] in tackling teenage pregnancies?

  • veritas

    a woman has a right to choose.

  • pól

    I for one, can’t to se what John O’Connell and his new mate Rory hae to say about this one!

    I’m sure the advertising will be responsible. It’s not going to be “buy one abortion, get the second free!” style. Most likely just making women and their partners aware that their are choices.

    I’m not articularly pro-abortion, but it’s going to happen, either in a back street or in a clinic with trained professionals. I know which I would prefer if myself and my partner decided to have an abortion.

  • pól

    That should be particularly, damn new keyboard!

  • Cahal


    “a woman has a right to choose.”

    …to kill her baby?

    Not in Ireland. Thankfully.

  • Nathan

    Further shameful indication of a Broken Britain society…

  • Laura

    Nathan, you’re either an OAP or you’ve been reading too much of The Daily Mail.
    ‘Broken Britain’ is a pathetic, pessimistic, over-used phrase with no purpose. It inevitably renders the user as completely ignorant and fear-mongering.
    Britain is no more ‘broken’ than most other developed nations. Find a more accurate phrase, and don’t search for it in a shameful tabloid.

  • pól

    [i]Further shameful indication of a Broken Britain society…[/i]

    Piers Morgan in disguise? You should be watchin Question time more often, Nathan. There was a good discussion on “broken Britain” a few weeks back.

  • NCM

    Geez, guys, abortion ADS ON TV? Like, “come to our abortion clinic, 2 abortions for the price of one?” I’m pro-choice but man, I’m not THAT enthusiastic about commercializing killing fetuses…

  • Gregory

    “Opinion divides on whether propagating sexual information encourages promiscuity and steps up the abortion rate or educates people into greater responsibility. The British state clearly believes the latter, the hear-no-evil, see-no-evil NI annex clings to the former.”


    What promiscuity issue do we have now, that we didn’t have two years ago?

    If it worked, abortion marketing, there’d be no abortions. I can give you some advice, it works for hauling gasoline or storing explosives, mining or maintaining jet engines, a good question to ask

    ‘is it true?’

    That generally cuts through the special interest garbage.

    The FPA thing, just isn’t true, it has been a disaster and has impacted across a range of phenomena.

    Lastly, always remember, Ulater is just Cowtown,

    It is not as if there will be too many clued-up stakeholders in the wings.


  • Gregory

    “Britain is no more ‘broken’ than most other developed nations.”

    Britain is a complete shambles, not fit for purpose,

    Brit govt. politicians, are white trash. They have third world ethics.

    By US standards, a gloved handshake.

    Have you met any of the cabinet?


  • Laura

    Gregory, I wasn’t talking just about politians, I mean society as a whole.