Twenty reasons never to fly Ryanair

But still one in favour – you can still find a bargain even though my return flight booked well in advance was abruptly cancelled and I was moved to last flight, getting me back home on almost the last tube. Or Nightbus if delayed. If I had rejected the offer I could have rebooked at treble the price. The list grows longer.

  • Eddie

    Better to live over here, Brian. Then it would be just a wee run up the road to Knock or somewhere. Or if you really fancied long-distance travel, as we in NI think of it, a journey to Saintfield or somewhere.

    What about it? We have newspapers (sinking in circulation, admittedly), two tv stations (one of them a bit wobbly at the moment), loads of coffee shops, Radio Ulster – the UK’s most listened-to radio station, a theatre, lovely countryside, the Mournes, Julian Simmons godhelpus, and loads of democratic debate.

  • Brian Walker

    Thanks Eddie. I know them all and worked for some of them.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Jesus lads, not another Ryanair article. What is it about Ryanair that causes people to bitch like hell about it, but yet keep on patronizing it ?

    How can a company ever improve if the continued patronage of its customers tells it that it is not doing anything wrong ?

  • The Raven

    Well, I won’t bitch about Ryanair because I’ve never travelled on it. Mates’ reviews ALONE would preclude it, even if it were the last plane home before the end of civilisation.

    Sure it would only arrive late, anyway. 😀

  • Harry Flashman

    Brian, why oh why do you still pay for a service from a company you evidently loathe so much?

  • Secret Squirrel

    A friend recently informed me that Ryanair plan to charge for sic bags but I suspect she may have been jesting.

  • Mayoman

    A lot of people travel on Ryanair because there is no other choice. I use them from Knock a lot because of that. Predatory pricing may have led to the loss of alternatives forcing people to use this carrier. Ryanair survives on two principles: tricking epople into thinking they are cheap (which they are only when a hundred or so conditions are filled), and operating on the fine anti-business line of finding the limit of tolerability where cheapness and crap service collide. Aren’t they starting to scrap routes? Thing is, as Comrade says, they only exist because of patronage, but isn’t this what they say of drug dealers? How come I can’t shake the feeling that there is something in common between O’Leary and the drug lords! 😉

  • Jen Erik

    I will bitch about Ryanair, even though I’ve never travelled on it.

    Someone took money from my debit card and spent it on a Ryanair flight.
    Seemed to me at least a possibility that the person would have booked the flight(s) in their real name, given that you need ID to travel.

    So, after informing the bank etc, I emailed Ryanair to explain (in case I could cancel the flight) – and sent a duplicate letter & all the relevant documentation to them by snail mail, because I could see that they might need proof before they could take action. Basically, I asked them for the details of the transaction that I had paid for.

    They didn’t even send me a ‘Sorry, but we can’t divulge this information…’ response.

    If they’re happy to conspire with someone in defrauding me, I’d rather stay at home than give them my money.

    (Bank gave me the money back, so I wasn’t out of pocket, but it’s the principle of the thing…)

  • Jamie Gargoyle

    Number 1 on the list isn’t quite true. Alright, the one time I managed to get a return trip for 1p each way I took a screenshot of my bank statement so I could prove to disbelieving friends that it really happened… I doubt it’ll ever happen again because now Stansted to Belfast City is an established route they won’t be pushing it in that way again.