This the not the time for Orde to quit

Yet again, the GB timetable clashes with NI’s. Which will win out this time? Tucked away in the Times last week was the news that Hugh Orde is likely to quit soon to head up the Association of Chief Police Officers. Without an obvious successor seasoned in NI affairs, is this the time to be quitting? He must clarify the position very soon. And a point for later: will Sinn Fein and the SDLP accept another GB chief and will they insist on the post being open to senior Garda officers?

  • His application goes in on Monday and this had been known a couple of days before the times story.


    Sir Hugh misses the point in regards to his statement about dissident numbers and the total population 1.75 million. There are around 5000 Military personnel in country and the PSNI equates to 9,200.

    Gaza had 1.5 million and around 30,000 gunmen and Israel used mid intensity assets in that conflict in an area of 365 sq Km. Things that are not available to security personnel in NI.

    Once can hold up whole divisions and create havoc on the logistics of supply with small standalone cells that equal around 250 active operators.

    Half that number of ex-Spetsnza could take Belfast and hold the key infrastructure sites for at least two weeks before a larger force landed.

  • ulsterfan

    Orde is doing an excellent job at PSNI.
    This new post Association of Chief Police Officers sounds a job which will not be taxing by comparison.
    Perhaps he wants an easier life and be closer to the centre of power in London.
    Good luck to him in any case.

  • picador

    I wonder could he not be persuaded to stay for a couple more years; until P & J has been devolved and is working.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    After this ruckus in N.Ireland, Hugh will be the inevitable candidate.

    Hi successor, what about a Republican? not the bad ones, a good one?

  • It was also reported that Paul Leighton, the Deputy Chief Constable, is retiring soon so this could mean the replacement of the top duo at the same time.