Omagh dossier reopened

Well done the MPs on the NI Committee for gnawing away at the Omagh bombing. Tomorrow afternoon at 3.15 ( Monday 16 March) should see a more than ever relevant re-opening of the Omagh dossier, with the families’ representatives appearing before the Commons NI committee in the Stormont senate chamber, followed by John Ware, the indefatigable Panorama reporter on Wednesday week. Ware has asked, as Slugger has noted, what exactly was GCHQ listening to? on the day and what if anything was withheld from the police investigation? Was the bombers’ car bugged by the security service? After the Intelligence Commissioner’s report into Panorama’s very detailed investigation and Wares;’ rebuttal of it, questions remain about the ability to track bombers to which last week’s murders have added urgency and poignancy. Unfortunately, the upsurge in violence make it even less likely that answers will be provided – at least officially.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    I can’t follow any of this collusion stuff. Care to explain it better Brian, or even give your own opinion of it. Every little helps!

  • Brian Walker

    UIMH – Collusion isn’t mentioned. Ware doesn’t deal in that currency here. As I read him, he simply wants to know what GCHQ was asked to do,what they knew at the time, what they passed on or not, and why. The broad point is the familiar one, that various security agencies hold on to information for their own view of the long term greater good – i.e. future disclosures, whereas if they disclose particular information, their sources are blown. It’s interesting that the NI Committee have taken Omagh up and well worth following.