“in light of the business I was in it was not unusual for me..”

As I said previously, “There’s still some way to go in the trial of Ted Cunningham on charges of laundering money from the Northern Bank robbery”. But he has been giving evidence today about his claim that “two men drove from England in a four-wheel drive to deliver the €800,000 to the churchyard 100 yards from his home in October 2004.” Which would have been before the Northern Bank robbery.. From the iol report.

Tom O’Connell, prosecution senior counsel, asked why was there such secrecy in meeting at a churchyard rather than calling to the house. Cunningham said it was only 100 yards from his house and there was only parking for one car outside his house. The senior counsel questioned him in detail about the handover of the money.

“Did he introduce himself?” Mr O’Connell asked. Cunningham replied: “No.” Mr O’Connell asked: “Did he ask who you were?” Cunningham said: “Yes.” The senior counsel asked: “What did you say?” The witness replied: “Ted.” Mr O’Connell asked: “Did anyone ask for a receipt?” The accused replied: “No, but that is not unusual.”

Mr O’Connell responded to this answer: “What? That gentlemen from England would arrive in a four-wheel drive in a churchyard in Cork and give you a bag of Northern sterling, what do you mean it’s not unusual, it is highly unusual.”

Cunningham said: “Maybe for you but in light of the business I was in it was not unusual for me to handle 4 or 500,000 at a time. The sterling I was getting was not from two people I did not know, I was getting if from people we were engaged with.”

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  • Pete
    Fascinating, 2 days before the robbery, oh dear. Is this story getting big coverage over there.

  • The remarkable thing is that the political influence from Gerry and the peacemakers might actually get this man off.

    The question has to be asked as to why the Irish democratic system has to pervert the truth in order to accomodate militant republicanism and Sinn Fein for the truth is that if there is a way that can be found to get this man off it will be found. Are the needs of the peace process worth corrupting an entire country?

  • NCM

    Details, details…

  • Tarry Flynn


    Couldn’t agree more. It’s proof postive that IRA/SF robbed done the Northern job if this guy walks. His defence team (probably just a bunch of solicitors!) are clearly trying to get him off on a few quirky technicalities – no link between the money came from the robbery, he got his stash before the robbery, the Gardai have a great theory but no forensics, no witnesses, un-recorded interviews, garda threats and intimidation, press hysteria etc, etc. We’ve heard it all before – classic IRA.

    Brian back Michael McDowell and be done with these so-called trials – just shoot the fecker.

  • Tarry Flynn

    “BRING” back Michael McDowell. And how!

  • Rory Carr

    I see that the respondents to this thread so far, having already decided who is guilty and having already decided the outcome of the trial now wish to dispense with due process since it might hamper the confirmation of their prejudices.

    Isn’t it ironic how the law ‘n’ order brigade are always eager to dispense with either law or order when it doesn’t suit their purpose?

  • Tarry Flynn

    Well “Rory”, it’s pretty clear that this guy is going to get off, juts because of the technicality of there being no actual evidence, per se. Guilty people shouldn’t be allowed that get out clause. Or do you want the Gardai to have to do all the work and get their story straight every time they need to take out a scum bag? Micahal MCDowell knew that it was all a joke, it’s only thanks to him that the guy was even arrested in the first place – no other justice minister would have been so brave. What with the Indo dying a death on us as well the whole fight against the scourge of reublicanism is in flight. Well, enjoy you triumph while it last, Franco had the right idea.

    Password “law” – is this a joke too?

  • Rory Carr

    You seem to have got a little grouchy of late, not you usual self at all. The rule of law is a nice thought, if only ah.

  • Rory Carr

    I ask again: Are the needs of the peace process worth corrupting an entire country?

    It has nothing to do with the law and order brigade. Every time these people are caught they simply lie and lie in the sure knowledge that Gerry Adams will put a word in about them with the Taioseach or the Secretary of State. Suddenly an entire coutntry is corrupted into believing that the IRA can get away with anything because the rest of us need them more than they need us.

    It is sad. But it is an integral part of this flawed peace process.

  • joeCanuck

    Technicality of there being no actual evidence per se…

    And who made you God, Tarry Flynn?

  • joeCanuck

    You too, all-knowing John O’Connell?

  • fin

    it is regularily pointed out how fiendishly clever the IRA are, its possible that they borrowed the money prior to the robbery gave it to Cunningham and than repaid the loan with the proceeds of the robbery.

    its also likely that the Gardai involved are actually IRA volunteers who have behaved in exactly this manner to ensure the whole case looks like a farce.

    I can only hope that the backgrounds of the judge and the jury have been fully checked to ensure no-one had a grandparent in the GPO in 1916 or ever played GAA, or indeed holds an Irish passport

    This whole thing just exposes how concessions to republicans are collapasing the justice system, if the word of a senior Garda was still good enough to prove someones guilt it would have saved the taxpayer millions and this guy would be serving 30 years by now

  • joeCanuck

    they borrowed the money prior to the robbery gave it to Cunningham and than repaid the loan with the proceeds of the robbery.

    Just like the short sellers, you mean, who are hugely responsible for the current financial mess. Brilliant.

  • Joe C

    Exactly, this whole business reminds us of just what those with large sums of disposable cash got up to in the so called boom years. Without meaning to blacken his name, where else could the likes of a certain former trade union official have learnt such skills, if not during his time at the Bank of Scotland etc

  • fin

    ah Mick, is not the Bank of Scotland learning from the individual concerned, afterall he is the evil one been a member of SF, and I don’t need to reproduce the (100% factual proven without a shred of doubt) SF oath to prove their evilness.

    Meaning that republicans are directly responsible for the current economic crisis. I can’t believe decent unionists were forced to share power with them.

    I have just put ‘sub-prime mortgage’ through John of Connells alphabet thingy and it comes out as Gerry Adam’s mobile number.

    also global warming gives Marty’s mobile number, meaning only Sammy Wilson stands between us and disaster

  • John O’Connell’s alphabet thingy. Then click on Appendix 1

  • Link failed. Try this and then click on Appendix 1.

  • I’m not sure if some of these guys do irony.

    “only Sammy Wilson stands between us and disaster”

    Well, that’s all right then, no need to call Al Gore in.

  • Try this and then click on Appendix 1.

    (As if anyone would be interested. But I thought I would get it right. But I’ve finally got it right.)

  • Pigeon Toes

    Mr O’Connell responded to this answer: “What? That gentlemen from England would arrive in a four-wheel drive in a churchyard in Cork and give you a bag of Northern sterling, what do you mean it’s not unusual, it is highly unusual

    Not really if they have a CONtract with DRD.

    Ah yes the Minister of which is erm Conor Murphy

  • Mick

    I think he was actually doing humour not irony.

  • fin

    John, regarding the alphabet, his name is actually Gerald Adams which calculates as 510 or Gearóid Mac Ádhaimh which calculates as 720

  • joeCanuck


    Don’t feed Trolls.

  • cynic

    “Technicality of there being no actual evidence per se…”

    No…nothing really …..just a wheelie bin full of Northern Bank money ….nothing positive at all. Its the Irish version of recycling. You leave the bin out empty and it comes back stuffed full of fivers.

    God the sense of desperation in some SF posts here is palpable. But let’s just let the court get on with it and comment afterwards.

  • Rory Carr

    If Tarry Flynn is happy to see people convicted despite, as he admits, “there being no actual evidence, per se” then perhaps, if it’s ok with him and since we need someone – anyone – in the frame, we can lock him up for the Northern Bank robbery.

    As he so keen in satisfying the most atavistic public appetite I am sure he would consider his own conviction with some pride seeing it somehow as an act of public duty.

    It wouldn’t really be too bad, Tarry, with all the publicity you would receive you would be sure to receive letters from lots of crazy women proclaiming their undying love for you and I bet that would be a first.

  • Fin

    John, regarding the alphabet, his name is actually Gerald Adams which calculates as 510 or Gearóid Mac Ádhaimh which calculates as 720

    The potency of his name, Gerry Adams, derives from his use of the delinquent version of that name – Gerry – and not the others. Gerry is just one of the boys, a masculine name carrier, which ties in to the nature of the antichristian gospel.

    It is masculine, male, as the name Adam attaching to it confirms and conflicts strongly with the female nature of Christianity.

    As the Adam confirms in his name, he is the father of a return to the Old Testament with its rule of an eye for an eye and the rejection of the New Testament Christ and his teaching.

    Fin, there is nothing to work out in this other than that Gerry is the Antichrist because his politics and origins originate in a mass rejection of Jesus Christ and his teaching. I instruct you here as your Christ.

    If you don’t agree with Jesus Christ, and most republicans don’t, then you should form your own Churches and call Gerry Adams, or Gerald or whatever, God.

    What about the other things I mention. Does revising his name, as republicans have revised everything else, help there too:-

    Second of all, due to another pertinent coincidence his name contains “Adam”, the name of the first man, and from a theological point of view, this adds much to the basis of him being the Antichrist. Adam coincidentally means ‘man’ in Hebrew, and the number of the beast is specifically described as “man’s number” (Rev 13:18).

    The apostle Paul wrote: “For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive” (1 Cor 15:22). Adam therefore symbolises death, and thus the question must be asked, is there significance to the ‘Adam’ in Gerry Adams’ name? Does Gerry Adams, the effective leader of the IRA’s republican movement, symbolise death?

    The descriptions of the beasts in the Book of Revelation are interesting.

    ‘The inhabitants worshipped the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed,’ (Rev 13:12). Coincidentally, Gerry Adams was shot and wounded in 1984, but recovered. Afterwards, he became Sinn Fein president and one of the foremost politicians in Northern Ireland. The use of violence for him is a matter of tactics. That is a matter of fact and record. Gerry Adams has not stepped away from violence. He believes in his own words that “there is a time for peace and a time for war”, mocking the Prince of Peace and equating Christ with the Antichrist, good with evil.

    The first beast, who is said to be the Antichrist, is prophesied to have “seven heads” (Rev 13:1), which is coincidentally the number of heads on the IRA army council, including Gerry Adams’ allegedly.

    “Who can make war against him?” (Rev 13:7). The IRA has been described as ‘the most sophisticated terrorist organisation in the history of mankind’. Their structure makes it impossible for a conventional army to defeat them

    Gerry Adams fulfilled another prophecy during the run-up to the 2007 Assembly election campaign in the North of Ireland. This involved him requesting the use of Clonard Monastery (Roman Catholic) church in West Belfast for a political meeting discussing his party’s policy. He still believed that armed struggle was a legitimate means of resolving differences.

    When Gerry Adams took to the altar of Clonard monastery while his beliefs were in conflict with Christ’s teaching, he was proclaiming himself to be wiser than God and better than Jesus Christ. He was in logic proclaiming himself to be God.

    “[The man of lawlessness or the Antichrist] will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” (2 Thes 2:3-4)

    Click in my name below for more.

  • Tarry Flynn

    Well “Rory”, not all of us need to go to prison to find true love, I hope.
    The wheely bin was FULL of MONEY! How much more evidence is needed to convict said wheely bin owner of whatever crime fits? Anyone who uses their own wheely bin to store their own money is a danger to society and is bound to be linked to any number of unsavoury groups. He probably just throws his bottles in with the food waste as well. That type are fit for anything.
    Cynic gets it, McDowell gets it but Gerry just needs to scratch his beard and…Hey Presto!… the courts don’t get it. The wheely bin man walks – the dirty little litter lout.

  • joeCanuck

    Ah. Now I get it. Guilt by association. No need for evidence. The dogs in the street will let us know who’s guilty. No need for trials or any of that liberal nonsense.

  • Dave

    “two men drove from England in a four-wheel drive to deliver the €800,000 to the churchyard”

    If the property boom held for another 10 years, it would have cost them that for two burial plots.

  • joeCanuck

    Give it a rest John. You’ve been spouting that nonsense here for long enough. Surely by now you must realise that you ain’t gonna get any co-fantasists.

  • JoeCanuck

    Be not afraid. Your heavenly mother is not a fantasy. But rather much of what you write here is so afflicted.

    It was given to me in 1986 that Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley were related to the 666 number and in fairness to me, I have proven that this is so.

    Love your enemy, Joe.

  • joeCanuck

    Apart from that John, you’re awfully cheap.
    If you are blatantly going to advertise your stuff on Slugger day after day, week after week, the least you could do is to buy an advertising box from Mick.

  • JoeCanuck

    If you have some issue you wish to raise with me in relation to my views, please feel free to argue your case. Otherwise all I hear is republican whingeing.

    It’s not my fault that Gerry Adams’ name comes out at 666 or that he turns out to be the Antichrist. You have a real problem there and his cold, calculated statement last week after Massereene shows that he is different to the other Shinners, and that there is something very real there. That’s probably why the Bishop of Derry has asked a professional theologian to look at my masterpiece, God is a Woman…

    But there’s no money in God so why would I pay for advertising.

  • joeCanuck

    why would I pay for advertising

    You wouldn’t because you’re cheap, or as the Scots might say, awfully canny wae your money.

    hehehehe; code word is “money”

  • JoeCanuck

    Code Word: How much are you offering? You people and money are hard to take.

    Recalling the PIRA campaign after Massereene, you might then begin to understand that when I found out about Gerry Adams’ name coming out at 666 in 1986, there was a rather complete campaign of violence being orchestrated, and that when it was put to me that it had serious implication for me and my health in 1990 with the death of Cardinal O’Fiaich, aged 66 and 6 months, I had to take the matter a lot more seriously than you.

    Though you may be getting glimpses of what went through my mind at that time. So am I wrong to conclude that Gerry Adams’ violence was different to the dissidents. It seemed to me to be the same tactical use of evil, the tactical use of human suffering.

    There is nothing more evil than terrorism, and that includes state terrorism, and the definition of Adams as different is completely accurate. He is evil. At the moment he is deluded. But he will become more evil again and in fact has done since the cold, brutal Paul Quinn murder in south Armagh.

  • joeCanuck

    [removed moderator]

  • joeCanuck

    Enjoy. But don’t forget that you have a mark.

  • joeCanuck

    Comment #11 was not mine.

    But you sussed me out John. You must be the last one on Slugger to realise that I am the #1 cheerleader for Gerry Adams and SF>

  • Canadians for beardy bloggers

    Wha? You…cheat!

  • JoeCanuck

    It matters not to me who you cheerlead for. I think you may be just a Troll. But you’re definitely a nark and an apologist for financial impropriety.

    Again if you have any point that would refute my argument then state your case or forever hold your fire.

  • joeCanuck

    Buy and ad from Mick and I promise to visit your site.

  • I’m sure you believe that £500 or thereabouts would be worth your visit to my site, but I must say that I am just not that mad.

    How about you making a donation to the cause of converting Sinn Fein to Christianity.