“in light of the business I was in it was not unusual for me..”

As I said previously, “There’s still some way to go in the trial of Ted Cunningham on charges of laundering money from the Northern Bank robbery”. But he has been giving evidence today about his claim that “two men drove from England in a four-wheel drive to deliver the €800,000 to the churchyard 100 yards from his home in October 2004.” Which would have been before the Northern Bank robbery.. From the iol report.

Tom O’Connell, prosecution senior counsel, asked why was there such secrecy in meeting at a churchyard rather than calling to the house. Cunningham said it was only 100 yards from his house and there was only parking for one car outside his house. The senior counsel questioned him in detail about the handover of the money.

“Did he introduce himself?” Mr O’Connell asked. Cunningham replied: “No.” Mr O’Connell asked: “Did he ask who you were?” Cunningham said: “Yes.” The senior counsel asked: “What did you say?” The witness replied: “Ted.” Mr O’Connell asked: “Did anyone ask for a receipt?” The accused replied: “No, but that is not unusual.”

Mr O’Connell responded to this answer: “What? That gentlemen from England would arrive in a four-wheel drive in a churchyard in Cork and give you a bag of Northern sterling, what do you mean it’s not unusual, it is highly unusual.”

Cunningham said: “Maybe for you but in light of the business I was in it was not unusual for me to handle 4 or 500,000 at a time. The sterling I was getting was not from two people I did not know, I was getting if from people we were engaged with.”