Suspect device

A suspect device has been found at Sinn Fein’s office in Cookstown.

Sinn Fein had this to say:

Sinn Féin MLA Francie Molloy has confirmed that a pipe bomb has been found at the Sinn Fein office in Cookstown.

Mr Molloy said:

“I am very concerned about the discovery of this device at our office in Cookstown. While it is unclear whether the pipe bomb is viable I understand that local people will be justifiably angry that this busy constituency office has been targeted.

“Those responsible have nothing to offer our society. They will not deflect Sinn Féin from making progress on our united Ireland agenda or from delivering the top class constituency service that local people deserve.”

Update: Security alert at Lurgan Police Station. Telephone bomb warning.

Further update: Reports that a Policeman has beenshot in Lurgan and taken to hospital.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    this is totally repugnant. The police should get all these terrorists

  • resident

    No. 1

    Yes, the Police should get all those terrorists. I suggest that a good start would be inside the front door of the said offices.

    francie knows what I mean.

  • Gregory

    I think we all have to applaud SF’s loathing of bombers, and terrorists.

  • josephine

    how convenient!

  • Dylan

    When are we as a country going to wake up and smell the coffee? There are certain elements within the security forces (at all levels) whose interests are best served by “keeping the pot boiling”, so to speak ,in N.I. Whether its to keep them in a job or to act as a barometer of the peace we enjoy Some dead civilians or soldiers don’t cost the powers that be a thought. Obviously dissident republicans exist, but they are small in number (as we have been repeatedly told by the P.S.N.I) and their ranks are so infiltrated with double agents that any attacks they carry out are under the watchful eye of their handlers. Well timed “black-ops” of this nature have long been a trait of the British security services not just here but in other occupied territories, and the resultant fear and paranoia plays into their hands -more fear equals more soldiers on the streets which equals job security for those in M.I.5 and special branch. I wouldn’t be too shocked if the same people were behind this pipe bomb attack. When are we going to have an open and honest debate here about the role of the various intelligence services, informers and spy’s and their interaction with the P.S.N.I? surely that is the only way to cement peace and prevent needless bloodshed?

  • One question and one point:

    Q:Pipe bombs? Is this a RIRA move or a loyalist one?

    Point: Dylan, the notion that civil servants deliberately do malicious things to maximise their budgets is a popular one among conspiracy theorists and the far-right, but it’s not a view that really stands up to much scrutiny when you think it through, and there’s little evidence for it happening to the heinous levels that you are outlining in relatively developed democracies.

    Slugger’s been very good over the past few days. Let’s try to be sensible and not go all David Icke shall we?

  • Dylan

    It cannot be denied that the P.S.N.I/ special branch and M.I.5 and the myriad covert groupings in between use informants and spy’s on a large scale to counteract terrorists. As such one must question how attacks are allowed to happen . The north has a pop. of 1.7 million. Republican hardliners are confined to a handful of well known areas and their arms dumps are located in exactly the same places. The security forces know who the ring leaders are but are reticent to act. Face facts the top brass in Whitehall and elsewhere are a corrupt lot and history has taught us that they have no qualms in colluding with terrorists to further their own aims.

  • euro5star

    The great conspiracy theory doesn’t wash. These things always come out in the end because somebody always blabs.

    Let’s stop trying to deflect the blame from the people who did this, either nutball loyalists or nutball republicans.

    15 years ago I’d have been happy for Francie to lift the package and give it a wee shake. Funny how some of us have moved on.

  • picador

    These things always come out in the end because somebody always blabs.

    Ever heard of the Official Secrets Act?

  • Le Corbusier

    Aye, Dylan, and I’m the Manchurian Candidate.

  • Gregory

    “Aye, Dylan, and I’m the Manchurian Candidate.”

    What has Manchester got to do with it?

  • Le Corbusier



  • You actually, really, as a grown adult with the brains you were born with think that the Official Secrets Act would provide sufficient guarantee for a civil servant to go and put a bomb in the office of a political party – one that tends to have a track record of general suspicion towards securocrats?

    Is this what you are saying? Just to be clear….

  • picador


    You are putting words in my mouth.

    The provisions of the OSA are so stringent that it deters whistle-blowers from emerging from the ranks of the dirty-tricks brigades. It is the most stifling piece of secrecy legislation anywhere in the ‘democratic’ world.

    In the occasional case where it doesn’t work the whistle-blower gets fitted up. Just ask Colin Wallace.

  • picador

    The British state is evil. And the dissidents are fools if they think that they can overthrow it.

    BTW Suspect Device is my favorite SLF song.

  • alan

    The office of Francie Molloy is the last place the brits would target. This story is more interesting and mabe the outcome will be surprising

  • picador

    And the Special Reconnaissance Regiment executed Jean Charles de Menezenes.

    We only know about some of the murkier elements of that episode because a temp in the Police Complaints Authority, as the result of some oversight, had not been asked to sign the OSA. Otherwise she’d be doing jail time for leaking the incriminating evidence.

  • alan

    BTW can anyone tel me why it was very difficult to get on Sluggger this afternoon?

  • Andrew Charles


    No idea had similar trouble.

  • alan

    I wonder if there is not sufficient break out arrangements?

  • Driftwood

    Wasted Life is the best SLF song ever. And still poignant.

    Any eejit can concoct a ‘pipe bomb’. i guess we are going to see a lot of copycat tomfoolery in the near future.
    As for the spooks conspiracy theories, can’t you guys stick to aerial Chemtrails and 9/11?

  • alan

    There is nothing in this for the spooks as far as I can see, but then sometimes I am blind

  • Gregory

    “BTW can anyone tel me why it was very difficult to get on Sluggger this afternoon?”

    I’m opposed to that sort of thing, I think it is very wrong,

    “The office of Francie Molloy is the last place the brits would target”

    That (use to be) *the* insult to chuck at a fenian.


  • alan

    I am not in the business of chucking insults at anyone. Why so tetchy?

  • Gregory

    “There is nothing in this for the spooks as far as I can see, but then sometimes I am blind”

    SF sticking up wanted posters, a sort of Phoenix Park Murders, kind of shared tragedy,

    I’d say they were thinking themselves, as opposed to thinking for others.

    A new circumstance, for them.

  • Gregory

    “I am not in the business of chucking insults at anyone. Why so tetchy?”

    I was run over by a Brit jeep at Garvaghy,

    when somebody says “Francie Molloy” I just lose it and start sweating.

    I still have flashbacks,

    I think it was a Brit jeep, could have been a TV crew from CBS,

    I got bounced


  • “…can anyone tel me why it was very difficult to get on Sluggger this afternoon?”

    It was because the Illuminati, in alliance with the Freemasons, our lizardoid masters, SMERSH, teh Bilderbergz and the bloke on the Grassy Knoll suspected that someone was going to reveal THE TRUTH – it had to be brought down for a while.


  • Belfast Gonzo

    Rumours of a cop shot dead in Craigavon.

  • Saw reports about a shooting on Gonzo. Didn’t say it was a policeman.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Not confirmed dead. Shooting sounds genuine though. Possibly in the head.

    God, this is bad.

  • NCM

    So is RIRA targeting SF, or is it Unionists, or is it the pizza men out for revenge?

  • NCM

    Further update: Policeman shot in Lurgan


    Well, it sounds like this is going far beyond a war of liberation against collaborating pizza men…