Better safe than sorry?

I wanted to add some comment up about the deployment of Special Forces in NI.

Much debate has focused on the issue over how this story became a story after a day of Hugh Orde being ‘held to account’, then the story broke.

Putting this debate to one side and focusing on the issue at hand, the deployment of Special Forces in NI is not one that can be welcomed with open arms, but necessary and acceptable if the Chief Constable and government felt it was necessary.

It certainly hasnt escaped my notice how many bomb alerts and shoots have been going on throughout the province in the last year, in fact the Irish News reported some time ago that requests for close protection had risen in the last year. The Irish News also reported in an interview with a dissident group that they were recruiting bomb experts.

This is all very worrying. These groups are serious about killing people; police, soldiers or civilians. There is no talking to these fringe groups who pose a threat to democracy and the status quo.

Long time political hack