Better safe than sorry?

I wanted to add some comment up about the deployment of Special Forces in NI.

Much debate has focused on the issue over how this story became a story after a day of Hugh Orde being ‘held to account’, then the story broke.

Putting this debate to one side and focusing on the issue at hand, the deployment of Special Forces in NI is not one that can be welcomed with open arms, but necessary and acceptable if the Chief Constable and government felt it was necessary.

It certainly hasnt escaped my notice how many bomb alerts and shoots have been going on throughout the province in the last year, in fact the Irish News reported some time ago that requests for close protection had risen in the last year. The Irish News also reported in an interview with a dissident group that they were recruiting bomb experts.

This is all very worrying. These groups are serious about killing people; police, soldiers or civilians. There is no talking to these fringe groups who pose a threat to democracy and the status quo.

  • Turgon

    “These groups are serious about killing people; police, soldiers or civilians. There is no talking to these fringe groups who pose a threat to democracy and the status quo. ”

    Are these different groups from the one which murdered Mr. McCartney or Mr. Quinn?

  • Andrew Charles

    You tell me Turgon

  • Turgon

    Maybe none at all except the DUP claim that one lot are not committing crimes and represent no threat whatsoever despite their murdering people.

    The other difference is maybe that the DUP want to be in a power sharing government with one lot of murderers but not another lot of murderers.

    I guess those might be two differences.

  • milkcans

    The major difference may be that some groups have not learned to practice the art of complete hypocrisy yet nor that lying should be their normal stock in trade. they will remain ‘dissident’ until they do learn.Until then they will be in the state of believing that they have a right to use violence, after they learn they will believe that they still have a right to use violence but will not use that right under certain circumstances and continue to believe that no one else ever had a right to use violence, nor ever will; At this stage they will want investigations into everything everybody else ever did, sanctification for themselves and a few book deals all of which they will get and those who replace them will be ‘dissidents’.

  • Andrew Charles


    Or the dissidents are opposing democracy, rule of law and the rule of Stormont.

    They also do not accept the position of Northern Ireland in the UK and the devolved position of NI Assembly from Westminster.

  • NCM

    That didn’t last long, did it?

  • Turgon

    So if you say you support the rule of law but actually carry on killing people that is okay?

  • Andrew


    No, of course it is not.

    The Rule of Law applies.

    It is up to the Police and PPS to bring charges to groups and individuals, then to court.

    Criminals are criminals.

  • Turgon

    Criminals are criminals but it is okay for them to be in government: even when they cheerfully admit to trying to kill people? What about people who say that they would not support people going to the police with information about criminal acts or that future generations of republicans might go back to violence?

    The reality is that SF have claimed to support the rule of law etc. and yet in so many of their actions show that they do not support that rule of law and indeed regard their military wing as above the law.

    The DUP once said that it would be over their dead body that people went into government with terrorists: now they are left trying to explain that the IRA was not “insitiutionally” involved in assorted crimes.

  • maclochlainn

    I don’t think you can class Peter Robinson as a criminal since he did’t actually go to jail.

  • jim wright

    let them lose on the provos[sorry not one and the same]. if the sas had been allowed to take the war to the ira they would have done the job .but what did the ira say. the sas used extreme force against us ie loughall/dunloy. you called yourselfs a army/take the pain.let the same happen to cira/rira and any other republican grouping.QUIS SEPARABIT

  • Padraig Caughey

    [b]but necessary and acceptable if the Chief Constable and government felt it was necessary. [/b]

    Well that’s alright then.

    Papa knows best.

    Kinda reminds me of the mentality that underwrit Der Third Reich.

  • jim wright

    nothing up with adolphs ideas. fight a war act like soldiers not pussys

  • picador


    Is that a statement on behalf of Wright Bus?

  • picador

    Well, it seems the announcement of the deployment of Special Forces has certainly provoked a response.

    Predictable but shocking nontheless.

    Let’s hope that no-one was hurt too badly in the shooting in Antrim tonight.

  • Driftwood

    Seen the sainted beard on TV tonight saying this was a provocative move by the securocrats. he never mentioned the dissidents (who are part of his constituency). In future the government should deploy the SAS and their colleagues with no press releases. If they ‘take out’ some scumbags, no-one should care. SF signed up to the British Army defending this country, let them get on with it.

  • Peter The Punt


  • Bill.M

    With the news emerging from Antrim I think we all must agree that the re-implimentation of these services is necessary.

    Our thoughts should be with the families of the two individuals murdered tonight as well as with those who have been injured.

    Let’s hope that every elected representative in Stormont put their fullest resources into finding these murderers.

    We can not allow a handful of madmen to take us backwards.

  • jim wright

    to picador the last bit was put in without me seeing it .some idiot that was drinking with point though. in this feedback i am not shopsteward .i do have views away from work that i have always made clear. i apologise for bit at end though.wont happen again.look forward to more verbal sparring