CityBeat Slugger Politics slot…

I’ll be doing my regular monthly Slugger Politics slot on Citybeat (catch it online) at about 6.3045 this evening. Roughly we’ve agreed to chat about:

Sport: Rugby (God save the Queen and Lambegs at Croke Park); and the big dispute in soccer (over who can play for whom) comes to an uncomfortable resolution for IFA. The UUP’s internal family woes over names and prospects for the new force in the euro elections. And the Minister of finance struggles to keep the recession out of Northern Ireland and water charges at bay…

So listen in, and kick back with your own thoughts, corrections and criticism… PODCAST


  • OC

    Did you discuss the attack on the Sri Lanka cricket team whilst in Pakistan?

    Who’s angry at the Sri Lankans, who are Buddhist?

    Tamil Tigers are, being an ethnic Hindu Indian minority in Sri Lanka.

    Reprisal by India for moonpie, er, I mean Mumbai?

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