Tension in the air?

Over on Redemption’s Son it is reported that the NI Conservatives have ruled out campaigning using the word ‘Ulster’ attributed to their new electoral/ballot paper name: Ulster Conservative and Unionists – New Force.
Redemption’s Son comments:

“From my understanding, or at least what I have been led to believe, this is not the case. It was agreed to run as Ulster Conservatives and Unionists. There is a reason for this, and whether the editor believes so or not, he is out of order to actively pursue an agenda that jeopardises the goodwill between the UUP and the Conservative Party. From the comments it looks like the Editor is up to his old tricks of selective censorship and self praise.

“Idiotic behaviour as demonstrated by those in the Conservative Party who are either enabling this counter-productive activity or are turning a blind eye to it must be stopped at once. All this will achieve is a reaction that will be pounced upon by the detractors of the ‘New Force’ of rifts appearing.”

On the name change

Given the fact that people over the age of fifty generally vote UUP how will the party seek to educate their older voters in the name change as the first some may find out about it is when they visit the ballot box wondering … ‘now wheres that UUP?’ – a party that has been on the ballot paper ever since the establishment of Northern Ireland.

Long time political hack