According to the Japanese…`Our Sammy` may be right

The recent furore over the Stormont Environment Ministers views on climate change have led many to claim that the DUP`s Sammy Wilson is a laughing stock. Sammy replied by comparing himself to Galileo.

A recent report by the Japan Society of Energy and Resources for the Japanese Energy Commission has concluded that climate change is a natural rather than a man-made phenomenon related to natural cycles and solar events.

Kanya Kusano, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology (JAMSTEC) compares current computer climate modelling to ancient astrology and Shunichi Akasofu , Founding Director of the International Arctic Research Center of the University of Alaska says `it can be asserted that the global temperature increase up to today is primarily recovery from the “Little Ice Age” earth experienced from 1400 through 1800`.

Meanwhile, German Green MEP Rebecca Harms, who is vice-chair of the Green Group in the European Parliament and the Parliament’s climate change committee has asked the European Commission to investigate Sammy Wilson, questioning if this was compliant with the European policy and the EU’s climate change commitments.

  • EWI

    “Japanese scientists”, eh? Is this on the same level as their ‘scientific’ slaughter of endangered whale species?

  • Sammy more or less replying to what the Green MEP has said, saying he is all for energy efficiency.

  • McGrath

    There is no consensus that man is causing climate change, there is consensus that the climate is warming. But our Sammy is calling that propaganda.

  • Pete Baker


    “A recent report by the Japan Society of Energy and Resources for the Japanese Energy Commission has concluded that climate change is a natural rather than a man-made phenomenon related to natural cycles and solar events.”

    The report, and it’s worth noting that it seems to be simply a critical discussion of the IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report and, in particular, the climate modelling used, – not any additional science – concludes nothing of the sort.

    From the Register’s translation

    4. Conclusion: Anthropogenic global warming theory still hypothetical

    To summarize the discussion so far, compared to accurately predicting solar eclipses by celestial mechanics theoretical models, climate models are still in the phase of reliance on trial and error experiential models. There are still no successful precedents. The significance of this is that climate change theory is still dominated by anthropogenic greenhouse gas causation; the IPCC 4th Evaluation Report’s conclusion that from now on atmospheric temperatures are likely to continuously, monotonously increase, should be perceived as an unprovable hypothesis; it will be necessary [to] investigate further and to evaluate future predictions as subject to natural variability. [added emphasis]

    It’s always a mistake to rely on only one source as scientific evidence of any hypothesus.

    But all that discussion paper claims is that the IPCC’s conclusions have not, in their opinion, reached the status of a scientific theory yet.

    And there wasn’t a consensus among the 5 authors in the discussion. I would note the misleading summary by the Register

    “Three of the five leading scientists contend that recent climate change is driven by natural cycles, not human industrial activity, as political activists argue.”

    So two of the five authors disagree with that statement. And no mention of what other scientists, rather than “political activists”, argue.

  • veritas

    Sammy`s a brave man for putting his over the parapet, I`m coming more and more to agree with him..

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    David Bellamy and some other scientists say that the current Global Warming is caused by sunspots. The more the sunspot activity on the sun’s surface the warmer the earth becomes from the extra heat and energy emitted from the solar flares. Dunno if Sammy would be familar with such reports. But by Sammy taking his ‘rebel’ stand as environment minister, he may be giving to the NI public a bad example of indiffernce to the environment. So Sammy’s ‘Jack the lad’ image about global warming is rather a bit insensitve. Remember, saving energy is still essential, keeping our environment – rural and urban, as well as our rivers and air clean and clear of pollution is still essential!

  • Dave

    Quite so, Veritas. A climate change fascist such as this MEP is well-suited to a totalitarian regime like the EU. Notice that her core objection is that “regional government of a member state” should be entitled to challenge the policies and regulations of the EU irrespective of whether or not the applicable sovereignty has been transferred from the member state? In other words, she finds it outrageous that those who are democratically elected within a state should be entitled to dispute the dictates of a foreign parliament and to proceed according to their own policies and regulations. This is why these dangerous cranks love the EU: it allows them to circumvent the democratic process and impose their agenda sans a popular mandate.

    “I cannot believe that the good reasons behind our common climate and energy targets of 20% less Co2, 20% renewables and 20% more energy efficiency are not known, or not accepted in the regional government of a member state.” – Rebecca Harms

  • OC

    “The Eemian climate is believed to have been about as stable as, but probably warmer than, that of the Holocene (see ice core). The warmest peak of the Eemian was around 125,000 years ago, when forests reached as far north as North Cape (which is now tundra) in northern Norway well above the Arctic Circle at 71°10′21″N 25°47′40″E / 71.1725°N 25.79444°E / 71.1725; 25.79444. Hardwood trees like hazel and oak grew as far north as Oulu, Finland. Sea levels at that time were 4-6 meters higher than they are now, indicating greater deglaciation than today (mostly from partial melting of the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica)…Scandinavia was an island due to the inundation of vast areas of northern Europe and the West Siberian Plain.”

    Much like Carl Sagan said about atheism, anyone who “knows” that human-kind is responsible for global warming is kidding themselves.

    Clean the environment – highly desirable.
    Efficient energy – highly desirable.

    Just remember, though: When everything’s an emergency, nothing’s an emergency.

  • Harry Flashman

    When I made the point in the original thread that the current Green movement was a thinly disguised attempt at reintroducing Marxist state control over the individual and all human activity I was dismissed for being my usual crankish right wing nutjob self.

    Have a look at what that Green woman is saying; a democratically elected local politician may not be allowed to dissent from the centralised supreme authority of the governing politburo and should be punished for doing so.

    Folks that’s pure bred Marxism, 110%.

    You better open your eyes to what’s going on here. The Commies are back and this time they’re in control.

  • watched the add on’t computer that sammy banned – a good bit of banning i say…

    if you don’t know to get off your lazy behind and switch the lights off in the rooms you aren’t in and also turn the telly off at the wall – well is there any hope for you….

  • Congal Claen

    Sammy is absolutely correct on AGW. It’s just an easy way to tax everyone and blame everything on somebody else. For example, the government reduces spending on flood defences, a few years later there’s floods and widespread damage and chaos. So, that’d be the politicians’ fault then. “Don’t be so stupid, that’s Global Warming, haven’t you heard of it?” Have you noticed how Gordon Brown describes our current financial problems as “Global”. ie nothing to do with us.

    Did the IPCC predict the cooling phase from 1998 to present? No they didn’t. If they can’t predict even a few years in advance why would you believe outlandish predictions for the end of the century. In contrast, lots of the skeptics did predict the cooling due to a lack of sunspots and also the length of the previous solar cycle. Which incidentally, they predict to continue until the middle of this century. So, you’ll be able to compare with what actually happens.

    The submit word below is “hot”!

  • Modernist

    Instead of all this hearsay can someone here actually provide some scientific evidence that global warming is a myth or is caused by sunspots. This comment by the Japanese sounds alot like the excuse they give for killing whales; supposedly killing and eating of an endangered species can be justified by saying it’s all in the name of science. Like the creationalist mythology IT IS NOT BASED ON FACT IT IS BASED ON THE PURPORTED OPINIONS OF INDIVIDUALS LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH INTERESTS. By selfish interests I mean a self serving political,religious or monetary outlook that pays no head to the final consequences.

  • Congal Claen

    Hi Modernist,

    yet you’ll swallow the anthropagenic CO2 model no bother?

    Prior to the carboniferous period there was loads more CO2 in the air. Of an order of 10-20 times more CO2. The earth didn’t boil then. In fact at times it was even cooler than present.


    About a quarter of the way down is a graph showing CO2 levels vs temp on a geological timescale.

    And btw sunspots don’t cause the cooling. They’re just another symptom of the underlying cause.

  • Reader

    OC: anyone who “knows” that human-kind is responsible for global warming is kidding themselves.
    And, using the same sort of logic: ‘Disease kills people, therefore anyone who “knows” that war kills people is kidding themselves.’

  • Ulsters not for sale

    Sammy’s loosing sight of the long term issue. The Green agenda drives down the price of fossil fuel and ultimately shifts power from Muslim orientated businesses to a more inclusive world-wide market.

  • 6cp

    So after all the fun the Global Warmists have had at Sammy’s expense, he is now saying that he didn’t ban any ad. His banter with Tommy Gallagher was quite funny as he castigated him for his hypocrisy about the whole issue.

    Sammy’s scepticism gets some more support today from a quaintly named Princeton University’s Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, William Happer, who, before a Senate committee, made the following illuminating comments:

    Secondly, I do not think there is a consensus about an impending climate crisis. I personally certainly don’t believe we are facing a crisis unless we create one for ourselves, as Benjamin Rush did by bleeding his patients. Many others, wiser than I am, share my view. The number of those with the courage to speak out is growing. There may be an illusion of consensus. Like the temperance movement one hundred years ago the climate-catastrophe movement has enlisted the mass media, the leadership of scientific societies, the trustees of charitable foundations, and many other influential people to their cause. Just as editorials used to fulminate about the slippery path to hell behind the tavern door, hysterical op-ed’s lecture us today about the impending end of the planet and the need to stop climate change with bold political action. Many distinguished scientific journals now have editors who further the agenda of climate- change alarmism. Research papers with scientific findings contrary to the dogma of climate calamity are rejected by reviewers, many of whom fear that their research funding will be cut if any doubt is cast on the coming climate catastrophe. Speaking of the Romans, then invading Scotland in the year 83, the great Scottish chieftain Calgacus is quoted as saying “They make a desert and call it peace.” If you have the power to stifle dissent, you can indeed create the illusion of peace or consensus. The Romans have made impressive inroads into climate science. Certainly, it is a bit unnerving to read statements of Dr. James Hansen in the Congressional Record that climate skeptics are guilty of “high crimes against humanity and nature.”

  • OC

    And, using the same sort of logic: ‘Disease kills people, therefore anyone who “knows” that war kills people is kidding themselves.’

    “Go, thou sluggard o’toole, and study the way of the ant, and be wise.”