Mick’s word is Bolloxology

The latest on “Ruinair,” the runt of the Celtic Tiger litter. Yet the one most is likely to survive?

  • El Paso

    Let’s face it Brian, Ryanair’s biggest crime was tricking educated clean, but not overly rich, people like your good self to meet ordinary people in foreign airports.
    Utter bastards!!!!

  • fin

    “Ruinair,” the runt of the Celtic Tiger litter

    Would you like to name the jewels of the Celtic Tiger? Anglo-Irish, Waterford………

  • Mack

    Waterford are small company from another era. 3 of the best –

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Technology –

    One of the world’s leading e-learning / publishing companies.

    CRH are the world’s second biggest (I think) building material supply companies


    Kerry group are one of the world’s leading food processing companies


  • Harry Flashman

    Ryanair, the shysters, imagine providing a cheap service to people with limited means during an economic crisis, I mean they should be whipped from pillar to post.

    Now where’s my Emirates Airline gold card? I love their Premier lounge, free champagne and I don’t have to mingle with the oiks.

    A bit like working for the BBC really.

  • willis


    I presume you mean “being employed by the BBC”. However it is nice that you think some of us do work.

  • Paul McMahon

    But that’s exactly it ‘Arry, it’s not THAT cheap and not only does O’Leary seem to be naturally abrasive and treat his customers with contempt, [a trait which seems to have passed to all his ancillary staff],but he seems to do it DELIBERATELY.

    Having said that s sucker like me always pays the 500 Euro surchage not to be headbutted squarely in the face by the oh so ever helpfull cabin crew as you descend from your flight.

    God help us if he ever gets his hands on Aer Lingus.

  • El Paso

    “God help us if he ever gets his hands on Aer Lingus”

    Exactly. Why would Ireland want a second profitable airline?

  • totaly agree with 6th 7 th post!!!!!!!