Gamekeeper turns tougher gamekeeper

“In Britain we had an additional burden: legislators who preferred criminal justice to be an auction of fake toughness, so long as the toughness was not too tough to design. So no one likes terrorists? Let’s bring in lots of terror laws, the tougher the better.”

Not your average woooly liberal ranter, but the previous DPP for England and Wales, no less.

Yet the heart of a prosecutor still beats strongly. Sir Ken would open up a whole new chapter in the unfolding story of the financial crisis.

In Britain, no one has any confidence that fraud in the banks will be prosecuted as crime…

  • Lidl Richard

    “Let’s bring in lots of terror laws, the tougher the better.”

    and use them to see if people are in the right council district for their children to attend a certain school?

  • The man speaks sense. In Britain we get hysteria about terrorism and severity of sentences, and inaction on serious fraud. In Northern Ireland we get hysteria about local control of justice, and a lack of attention to just what should be done differently.

    I suppose it’s futile to expect politicians to spend less time playing politics and more time working on making things better.