The answer, my friend..

On Hearts and Minds last night Julia Paul looked at the fashionability, or otherwise, of the protest song. I’ve spared you Noel Thompson’s ‘singing’ introduction. [Thanks! – Ed]. You’re welcome..

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  • Uncle Fester

    Here’s a familiar Norn Iron mystery. How can Stuart Bailie have the brass neck to spout on about “protest songs” and the glory days of punk against the establishment, all while begging for grants from every establishment body going to fund a job for himself in the Cathedral Quarter?

  • Pete Baker

    If we could try to avoid playing the man?

  • 6cp

    Not quite a protest song, more a reap what you sow theme…

  • 6cp

    Oops! Sorry about the duff link.

  • Salem

    I was at OhYeah event last night, really great night and very funny in parts. Cara Robinson and Tin pot operation the stand out performances of the evening. Congrats to the Civil Rights Commemoration group and OhYeah project !!!

  • Archie Purple

    Hi….The words ‘the answer, my friend’…..are they from the Heinz baked beans song? You know the one….’the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind’?????

  • paul kielty

    During the intro, they showed scenes from protests in London and Paris against the Vietnam war etc…strange they choose not to show any footage from our own civil rights campaign? Maybe we all just imagined that those events happened? Or maybe it just says something about the attitude of the BBC to any attempt to rock the status quo!!

  • Salem, I’ve just had a look at OhYeah on the web. On the one hand, Carling supports OhYeah music projects; on the other, one of the projects is to be alcohol-free. There you are – Affirmative Ulster …

  • desolation row

    Not surprising..all arts quangos are united by the fact they will take money from any source whatsoever to sustain their pointless existences and pay the big wages. Vive le revolution!

  • Rory Carr

    Word over here is that the cult underground British film of the year and soon to go MEGA! is a quirky little romance centred around a troupe of Morris Dancers much in the vein of Billy Elliot and The Full Monty.

    And before anyone asks – No! I’m bloody well not going to see it, thank you. If God had intended for people to sing folk songs and do Morris Dancing He would never have imbued mankind with a sense of the ridiculous.