Hasta La Vista Blaggy ——- So Soon Old, Too Late Smart

I thought that Blagojevich played Harry Reid like a Stradivarius. As it turns out, this did not mean that Blagojevich was all that smart, just that our Senate Majority Leader was dumber than retarded dog drool. Blagojevich managed to maneuver in the endgame like Rommel but since the ill-fated Serb spent the past six years pissing off everyone in the Illinois legislature, the only thing standing between him and a bum’s rush to the chamber door was the solitary vote of his sister-in-law.

OUCH!!! 114-1 in the Illinois House (impeachment) and 59-0 in the Senate (removal from office). Not only did they sack him but they also voted unanimously to bar Blaggy from holding political office in the state for his lifetime. It must have been something our lad said.

So, Sluggiepoos, will Northern Ireland ever take a page from the valiant solons of the Land of Lincoln?

1. Will the tossers be ridden out of government on a rail once the training wheels are off Stormont?

2. Should we put a call in to Oprah?