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Apologies to Gaeilgeoirí as you may have read most of this last week – Just over a month since the final edition of Lá Nua the Irish language is back in print in Belfast.

Nuacht24 is a weekly available An Druma Mór and in print from the Cultúrlann at a price of just 30 pence. The paper, produced by Lá co-founder, Eoghan Ó Néill, is growing and developing with each new issue. The material is taken from the Irish language news service An Druma Mór Nuacht ( personally feel that Nuacht24 it is looking very well, especially given that it does not receive a penny of grant aid.

In other good news, Lá Nua’s demise seems to have been somewhat exaggerated for its arts section will continue to be produced, it will be available online ( and in print in the Belfast Media Group’s titles. Former Lá Nua editor Ciarán Ó Pronntaigh has been appointed editor.

Of course I should mention that the lifestyle magazine nós* ( continues to blossom, issue three should be in print in the next few weeks. Without a shadow of a doubt, nós* is the finest magazine available in Irish (there is also Scottish material in nós* by the way!). Like Nuacht24, not on red penny does nós* get from Foras na Gaeilge – says it all doesn’t it?

I wonder, is it despite of this lack of support or because of it that nós* is such a strong product?

Update : Can’t seem to get the links working so here they are …

Lá Nua –
nós* –
An Druma Mór / Nuacht24 –

  • William

    Good to see an Irish language paper back online….maybe you can advise that excellent Gaelic speaker, Jarlath Burns, a member of the Eames-Bradley group, to think again about giving terrorists as well as the innocent victims £12k….

    To see the other members of this foolish cabal, access:

  • Dewi

    Links don’t seem to work for me Ggn

  • picador

    Good luck to the Nuacht 24 team. I’ve enjoyed the website so far.

    I look forward to the next issue of nos. The last one was excellent. Hopefully it will be available in north Belfast where I live (and the same goes for Nuacht 24).

  • Danny

    Is this it?

    Please update links GGN.

  • Gael gan Náire

    I will fix links tomorrow.

    Lá =
    nós* =

    Danny has posted An Druma Mór above.

  • John Joe

    Looking at nos, i doesn’t seem as if the state support matters. They are obviously a talented team who know what they are doing. How many are they selling? Of course a bit of money would help!

    The nuacht24 needs something extra, just from looking at the site. The idea of up-to-date online news in Irish is a good one though.

  • GGN

    John Joe,

    Did you click on the icon to see the paper itself?

    I understand that Nuacht 24 will be developing.

    “Looking at nos, i doesn’t seem as if the state support matters.”

    I am sure that is what FnaG would say.

    I think however that most would agree that nós* is the best magazine available in Irish (though I recongnise that the others cater for different demographics.

    Why therefore does it not get funding? What is the POLITICS behind that?

  • picador


    Apart from An Chultúrlann where else is nós available?

  • RG Cuan

    nós* is the best and most professional Irish language publication, not just the best magazine. It has more potential than any other to attract new readers etc.

    I don’t think there is much politics at play behind the decision not to fund nós*. The magazine is not political in any way and indeed it would be in Foras na Gaeilge’s interest to fund it. It’s just that they have already awarded a contract for a monthly print magazine and they now have no money left. Their finance management is for another thread…

    Picador, send the nós* guys an email and they will be able to let you know. I think you can buy it in most Universities at the min.