On the rise?

Has anyone else noticed that petrol prices are on the rise?

My two local garages (which will remain nameless but are well established businesses) have increased the price of petrol from a cracking 82.9 pence per litre two/three weeks ago to 85.9 pence.

As a comparison, heating oil has remained relatively stable costing roughly £300 for 900 litres (for Belfast).

Whats the price in your area?

  • Oilifear

    A guess …

    The value of sterling is falling, price of petrol (an import) rises. A rise in the price of heating oil may not yet have kicked in if supplies bought at a time when sterling was worth more have not yet run out.

    Petrol prices down south fell noticeably – and still seem to be dropping though much more slowly.

  • trghyj

    two dollars a gallon

  • Harry Flashman

    How is that fuel oil price historically? Is it cheap? I only ask because as I mentioned earlier I have started stocking up with an excess of necessities such as gas, water and dry foods (admittedly I don’t live in Ireland and where I am is frequently prone to supply disruption). I believe that this year could disabuse us of the notion that the basic things of life will always be there when we suddenly find we need them in a hurry (think of issues like gas in central Europe or the global collapse in shipping prices).

    I can’t help thinking that if heating oil is very cheap now it would be well worth heading down to your local building suppliers and picking up an extra one of those plastic fuel tanks and filling it up as a reserve, call me a wee bit edgy at the moment but that sort of expenditure (in context quite small) could make the difference between a problem you read about in the news and a severe domestic crisis.

    If we get through the next twelve months with no problems I have promised the missus she can sell off all that extra stuff I’ve stockpiled and buy herself a nice outfit and she can laugh at me for being such a nervous nellie, and if we do end up needing those reserves well, let’s hope she gets her outfit shall we?

  • thomasfromtexas

    Prices also going up here in Texas … 1.35 Euro for 3.78 litres. I know, it seems cheap, what can I say.

  • blinding


    Even with those type of energy costs the American goverment cannot make their economy work.
    God help the rest of us.

  • pith

    This reminds me of that part of UTV Reports when they used to compare the price of a tin of peas in the Mace with the price of a tin of peas in the Spar. They were nearly always about the same price. Oddly enough.

    Andrew Charles, you should name and shame those local garages. Do you suspect there is a cartel at work in your village?