“It was by no means a bad speech..”

The Daily Telegraph’s US editor, Toby Harnden, on Hearts and Minds last night with a sane reflection on the inauguration [both of them – Ed] of Barack Obama. There was also an interview with a student, Lauren Allison, who had spent the previous summer as an intern on Capitol Hill and travelled to the inauguration – see below the fold. Although others were less [than] impressed with the Purple Tunnel of Doom. [And the “social inequality” – Ed]

Student Lauren Allison on the inauguration

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  • wild turkey

    ‘Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.’

    G B Shaw

    With his inaugural speech President Obama paid us, well at least the american electorate, a high compliment. He appealed to our reason rather than our prejudice… that’s a start.

  • The Girl

    Believe me, the Purple Tunnel of Doom was by no means my highlight…
    It is what you make of it I suppose!

  • Pete Baker

    Sorry about that.

    I didn’t mean to imply the Purple Tunnel of Doom was your highlight, just that others experienced problems there.

    I’ll edit the text. Hopefully appropriately..

  • The Boy

    “It is what you make of it I suppose!”

    Very true. Some things in life really are worth fighting for.