“I don’t blame schools..”

Having previously tried to corrall the more independently minded Catholic grammar schools, Bishop Donal McKeown is now expressing sympathy with those who wish to collaborate on a single post-primary transfer test. He has spoken of the vacuum before.. From the BBC report.

Bishop McKeown, who is chairman of the Northern Ireland Commision for Catholic Education, said those in education were “faced with a failure of the political system to deliver a workable way of transferring pupils from primary to post-primary”. “I don’t blame schools for working at interim arrangements in the case of there not being a regulated system,” he said. He said schools were “trying to ensure there is some way forward so that pupils don’t have to do a whole range of tests”.

Time for another set-piece? Adds Apparently, time’s running out..

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  • Yea right

    It’s no surprise that catholic grammer schools are trying to maintain a hierarchial system. This has worked to their benifet for decades, to the detriment of a considerable amount of the population.

    Acedemic selection is as backward as the church itself.

  • zzzz


  • niall

    “Acedemic selection is as backward as the church itself.”

    Yea right, I agree. One love, free love and no discrimination anywhere. Not even against ugly people in nightclubs.