The Vince Effect.

Vince Cable is sought out by the media for his sharp assessment of the economy, but the respect he has earned in the public eye has not rubbed off on the Liberal Democrats. Vince Cable is seen as an individual when speaking on the economy rather than as part of the Liberal Democrat Party. In the video Shirley Williams gives her assessment of the Liberal Democrats position, and why they should be seen as an alternative government.

She says:

It all depends on where the economic crisis goes now. If, infact, the government does not pull off this huge gamble it’s taking on behalf of private sector banks then I think people will look around and say, O my goodness where are we going now and I think Vince Cable has given us a much more capable set of answers than either of the other parties.

If it works who can say. Then you will see things settle down and a change in what is politically important. I think everything changes on whether this does or doesn’t work. But Vince is there to say there is another sensible way. He is continually arguing that the FSA should be strengthened, it should be ahead of the curve not behind the curve. I think he is saying a great many things that people will increasingly hear.