The Department of Everything?

Also in the Northern Ireland Assembly today, the ‘premature’ DUP motion calling for a reduction in the number of Assembly departments was passed. In favour were the DUP, UUP and Alliance Party, SDLP opposed the motion – after having an amendment of their own rejected – and Sinn Féin reportedly abstained from voting.. [What could they be waiting for? – Ed]. Whether the First and deputy First Ministers pay any attention to the putative legislative Assembly’s vote is, of course, entirely up to them. But expect further news on this from the two lycanthropes in the semi-accountable, and semi-detached, polit-bureau some time in the future.. in November perhaps.. In the meantime, Stormont Live had a studio discussion with the DUP’s Simon Hamilton and the SDLP’s Mark Durkan – part one here – and during the Assembly debate the UUP’s Basil McCrea made a compelling case for cost-cutting.. in OFMDFM..