Hes back!

Speculation is correct as Veteran Tory Ken Clarke rejoins the Conservative Front bench!

He has been appointed as Shadow Business Secretary, the Ministry held by Labour Veteran and former NI Secretary, Peter Mandelson.

Can he save Cameron though?

  • bob Wilson

    Thanks for the tongue in cheek humour Andrew about can Clarke save Cameron – cheered my Monday morning no end!
    I wonder was it the re-emergence of a huge lead in the polls over the weekend that convinced Cameron he could get away with this move? As it will not be popular amongst grass roots Tories

  • Andrew

    It has been said that it is a dangerous move with right-wing tories angered.

    Ken Clarke is a likeable character, however he may be a poison chalis for Cameron.

  • ZoonPol

    Ireland i note has threatened to dump the Euro.

  • Rory Carr

    I enjoyed George Osborne’s assertion on Radio 4 this morning that with Clarke on board it showed that the Tories now had a “real” alternative cabinet to offer the electorate. He did not say whether before today he considered the team, in which he serves as Shadow Chancellor, to have been unreal or surreal. I expect someone might ask him.

  • RepublicanStones

    Mandy is resurrected by Brown and now Cameron outdoes him with this Lazarus job.

  • As one commentator says, not clear a man with Cam’s poll lead quite needs saving but he has decided to do something about the ‘do nothing’ jibes from the PM and show that they can field a big voice on business and finance that resonates with the public. Given the Tory grassroots want to win an election more than row about Europe, it’s a gamble worth taking.

  • Andrew

    It is a gamble.

    It is also a blast from the past which may or may not benefit Cameron’s ‘modern’ image.

    However Ken Clarke does hold experience in business as well as the economy being a former Chancellor.

  • circles

    And at the whipper snapper age of 68 Euro-Ken may inject some maturity into Cameron and his band of upper-class prefects.

    Ireland dumping the euro? Unlikely

  • circles

    Just wondering if cameron also intends bring back an animatronic thatcher too.

  • frustrated democrat

    The Conservatives will do what they have to to win and if Clarke is part of that winning strategy no one will complain, if he is part of a losing team then heads will roll.

    I think he will however be on the winning side in 2010, he may of course never be back in the actual cabinet.

  • blinding

    Probably a good move so long as Ken does not shoot himself,Cameron,or somebody/something else important in the foot.

    The Tories definetly haved looked lightweight in their response to the financial crisis.It shows that there was not much talent left in the party after 1997 or that it was not happy to hang around in opposition.

  • Fired Sub-editor from The Daily Express

    Hes Back (Factorial)

  • elvis parker

    The Ipsos-MORI January Political Monitor has been published tonight and puts the parties on the following percentages:

    Conservatives 44% (+5)
    Labour 30% (-5)
    Lib Dems 17% (+2)

    Looks like Cameron cant be saved