“Is now the time? No.”

Given that Sinn Féin had previously suggested [pre 26th March 2007] that the party “will propose that the First Minister and Deputy First Minister will reduce the number of departments to take effect at the time of transfer of powers on policing and justice”, it was interesting to hear Northern Ireland Executive junior Minister, SF’s Gerry Kelly, tell BBC NI’s Jim Fitzpatrick that, “It could be premature to deal with this issue now.” This ‘issue’ being tomorrow’s NI Assembly debate on the DUP motion to reduce the number of departments, and Ministers, in the NI Executive. Could November prove to be the time? It might be. It just requires the semi-accountable, and semi-detached, polit-bureau to agree.. as you well know..

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  • The Raven

    Frankly in the face of what’s going on in the world, this is so unimportant. I note the thread on databases and Big Brother further down the page. With control-freakery in London, why would we expect anything different from their poodles in Belfast?

    I also note today’s FURTHER bailout of the banking system. A week or so ago, I posted about ten businesses, many with full order books who were being shafted by their banks. I’ll be watching the effects of the new bailout as opposed to where this debate goes tomorrow.

    Rant over.

  • Dave
  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Distraction tactics by the DUP ?

    Next week Jimbo (TUV) will be squeezing them by the short and lundies over the pending Army Council/DUP announcements from the assembly on police and justice.

  • The Raven

    Dave, that’s the exactly the sort of pressure and ebullient press release that should have been coming from Stormont.


  • Comrade Stalin


    I didn’t see your list the first time around, I’d be interested if you’d post it again ?

  • Pete Baker

    Raven, Comrade, Dave

    If you could take that particular conversation to one of the many economic posts which are currently active on Slugger..

  • The Raven

    Absolutely agreed, and I apologise for the distraction.

    CS, I didn’t name any businesses, nor did I name the banks that were shafting them. Commercial-in-confidence, etc. I will send you the link to my post.

  • William

    It’s nice to see Gerry back from the Phillipines and so well briefed on what the DUPes are planning on the number of Ministries….looks like the DUPes and Shinners want to carve all the posts between themselves, as I can’t see them wishing to lose out, as evidenced by their record since coming to power.

  • Gerald McNally

    Gerry you broke out and gained your freedom before, now it’s time to do the same.