Catchphrase. Say what you see…..

Northumberland Street. (Lower Falls Road end.) Belfast.

  • RepublicanStones

    Top pic – A banksy lawsuit.

    Bottom pic – Grafitti defaced by grafitti.

  • I Ain’t no racist


  • Interested and waiting.

    I see a hole in a wall with the possible DUP candidates for the European Election having a peek through it. Sorry maybe not! There is what looks like at least three people on the other side of the wall but the DUP only has one person interested in standing. Why is there not a crowd of DUPer’s busting their guts to get their hands on one of the best paid and best perk jobs of the lot? Could it be all that travel putting them off. Wouldn’t be debating with wee Jim that’s scaring them off, would it?

  • fionn

    @ RS, bottom pic; LOL

  • circles

    I think RS said it all.

  • dunreavynomore

    “So that’s Norn Ireland! And I didn’t believe in it…”

    War criminal writes ‘George Dubya Bush’ and religious symbols on a wall, it MUST be Norn Ireland.

  • Grass is always greener…….

  • Harry Flashman

    Goatse? No, you really don’t want to go there.

  • BW

    Letp piss in their fuckin bucket.

  • NCM

    Top: Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn whitewashing the broken wall so the fat kids on the other side can’t keep peaking their fat heads through it.

    Bottom: Totally lacking in originality or style. I mean, banal to the max. This would even embarrass the North Koreans. Besides, Obama is going to be President in several days so it is time to change the murals to read “Obama, war criminal in training.”

  • Crow

    Top Pic – Did anyone see our RPG?

  • blinding

    We are staying in here because we can see it a depression on its way out there

  • blinding

    2 George dubya Bush given poor quality mural but thats all he deserves.

  • veritas


    we will not forsake the blue skies of Ulster for the grey hoary mists of an Irish Republic…

    Sorry couldn`t resist.

    George dubya Bush

    aka Gerry Adams

    War Criminal

  • wild turkey

    Tramps Dail

    top pic

    Rep Stones bottom pic wins hands down

  • frank

    Top pic sums up the trip from Dublin to Belfast – Great roads to Newry & then boys with shovels and spades take over, trying to patch up the shit road system to Belfast.

    Bottom pic shows why the IRSP do murals as well as the do at garnering popular support.

  • USA

    Top pic: The dawning of a new day.
    Bot pic: Succinct statement on US foreign policy.

  • NCM

    Top pic, redux: The Irish tricolour, with orange depicted as a setting sun.

  • circles

    Thats cave hill in the background making it almost a rising sun NCM (although I agree it is a wee bit too far to the north)

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Top Pic:

    “The sun never set on the British Empire”

    BTW, Is that an Orange sunset over the Emerald Isle?

  • NCM

    circles: “Thats cave hill in the background making it almost a rising sun NCM”

    If so, the republican muralist who painted this might want to reconsider depicting “orange” as a rising sun in future murals. I mean, hell, why not throw a red hand in there as well while he’s at it?

    Also, from now on, maybe instead of “George Dubya Bush, war criminal” we could see “George Dubya Bush, reformed alcoholic”? I mean, all our problems stem from one man’s victory over the bottle. If only he had stuck with it like a man and kept drinking, he wouldn’t have been elected and none of these disasters ever would have happened. Goes to show that sometimes, the best thing anyone can do is have another pint…