Could Westminister be turning into Jurassic Park?

With Peter Mandelson, now Business secretary, and Alan Milburn looking into social mobility for the government, there is talk of the Conservative Party bringing back Ken Clarke.

The footage takes a look at the pros and cons of that internal debate within the Conservative party.

According to Danny Finkelstein in the footage:

I think also worrying in this race is how little people actually know who the political figures are. Where some very senior political figres in the Conservative party like Liam Fox or George Osborne even haven’t actually got a very big public profile, and there are few people party leaders can call on who the public pay any attention to or even know who they are, and Ken Clarke and Peter Mandelson are among those people.

  • Rory Carr

    Ken ‘Porker’ Clarke – now there’s a fella knows a thing or too about the need for belt-tightening.

  • Parrot Clocker

    What is behind the speculation is that there will be an election in the UK within 17 months. Now is a very good time to bring in a heavy hitter with an established profile like Ken Clarke. I think Cameron wants him back but he needs negotiate a party line with him on the Euro that can not be penetrated.

  • Jimmy Sands

    I’d be surprised. Clarke would be bound by a protean and incoherent economic policy that he doesn’t agree with (remember he called for the VAT cut before Labour did), he’d have to take orders from someone he clearly doesn’t rate, and shadow a job junior to the real one he previously held. Add to that the requirement to shut up about Europe and ditch his business interests. I can’t see why he’d even consider it.

    Cameron on the other hand risks reminding the public of a time when his party was run by grown-ups.

  • Jimmy Sands

    Looks like my prediction was almost as good as my timing.

  • Kathleen

    Yeah Jimmy he’s back.