A Belfast Caption competition.

The lower Shankill Road.

  • Smee

    Gina Adair finally returns to old stomping ground !!

  • RepublicanStones

    Shortage of watchdogs after rabies scare.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    BTW,…this is not a caption but jaypers….that house and garden look like many a house and garden found in the ‘working class’ suburbs of Dublin….ie Finglas, Ballyfermot, Cabra, Drimnagh etc… The balustrades, the pebble dash, the magnolia paint etc…

    Now to think of a caption….emmmm!

    BTW…the original King Kong movie and model from the 1930’s was created by Irish-American Willis O’Brien!

    Now to think of a caption….emmmm!

  • If the gorilla is King Kong, is Santa Fay Wray?

  • King Kong

    Where ‘s that tv licencing man

  • cynic

    Gerry was beginning to think that asking Catriona to design the new Sinn Fein Outreach Centre on the Shankill hadn’t been such a good idea after all.

  • that gorilla looks really pissed off that the christmas decorations are stil up, on january 15th!!!!

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Shankill man retains Best Looking Prod award.

  • Suilven

    Let the bigotry all hang out, bhoys… standard MO on here now, it seems.

    And nice work, Kathleen – ’tis a grand opportunity you’ve presented to the dregs. What does the location have to do with it anyway?

  • veritas

    gaydog denies he`s a hairbear

  • King kong

    Get away from my door I dont pay tv licence

  • veritas

    Orange order spokesperson denies monkey jibes..

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    First visit by Catholic Primate to Shankill road.

    p.s. Why no thread on this -below ? also on BBC website.


  • RG Cuan

    “A banana, and a bap, or Santy gets it!”

  • Paul McMahon

    Jesus Christ lads. Do ya not think that yer taking this Rangers teddy bear thing a wee bit too far?

  • Nomad

    Santa’s new home offered much more protection, and a lot more style, than the North Pole ever afforded him.

    (Something in the picture reminds me of Narnia though…)

  • frank

    ‘C’ Company embrace the idea of Gorilla warfare

  • Intelligence Insider

    Republican News/Pravda exclusive: Republicans demand release of pictured detainee.

    Mr G. O’Rilla was thought to have started a dirty protest but Adams says this is just spreading shit about republicans.

  • Ri Na Deise

    Santa present at crowning of Skankhill entrant to the Rose Of Tralee.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Yes, Ri Na Deise, “Shankhill” entrant is probably right! IIRC it’s around Kilkenny.

  • Ri Na Deise


    Not much ‘intelligence’ involved in that post. Where are you inside?

  • NCM

    Decommission blamed for of monkey infestation as loyalists and republicans alike unable to defend their families from voracious apes.

  • latcheeco

    A rubber gorilla in a Tuscan villa
    Down by Boundary Way
    Poor Santa was toast, hung by the lamppost
    St. Nick was a fenian
    They say

  • Wild Turkey

    Hits the ground running…
    Shankhill residents view of new Sinn Fein outreach initiative.

  • eranu

    “Johnny Adair spotted back in Shankill!”

  • edward


  • oneill

    “Mr Kong, we appear to have lost the Conservative candidate for West Belfast…”

    “He went” *burp*… “thataway”

  • salem

    i came across this house at christmas after showing my english friend around the shankill and falls area ! Also since talking about this house – I heard that King Kong gets a sash for the 12th of July celebrations !

  • veritas

    residents deny Shankill is turning into a jungle..

  • dunreavynomore

    O’Dowd tells Murphy “my chin’s just as good as yours.”

  • Mayoman

    “Minder present as UDA elite have tea on the lawn.”

  • TwilightoftheProds

    let me get this straight, a bunch of lower middle class dweebs, who wouldn’t normally say boo to a goose, and who experience lemming like arousal at the sight of IKEA flat pack are being invited to scoff at the gauche working classes again, via the safety of a keyboard. At least this family from the Hammer are showing a bit of individuality, eccentricity and humour. To second guess their own appropriate response:

    ‘away to yer own door!’

  • Mayoman

    Looks to me more like they have a sense of humour (unlike some! 😉 ), and fair play to them for that!

  • circles

    “lemming like arousal”??????
    Now there’s a turn of phrase. My mind is all aboggle at that one. Lemming like arousal! Is that like jumping of a cliff with an erection?

    “Lower Shankill residents fear return to gorilla war”

  • RepublicanStones

    Petting zoo opens on the Shankill.

  • TwilightoftheProds

    …I’m not sure which I’d fear more- billions of tumescent lemmings swarming down the street or the sight of jostling, dead-eyed couples in IKEA….I’m sorry I brought the images to mind now it’ll be stuck there all day. I prefer thinking about the gorilla in the garden – see there is method in his madness…

  • Slightly off topic but that gorilla can often be seen wearing an Orange sash during the summer months.

  • iluvni

    Is the gorilla saying ‘I’d rather be chained up in a cage at Bellevue’

  • RG Cuan

    It’d be quite funny if the prize for this ‘competition’ was actually the gorilla.

  • Rory Carr

    ‘Despite evangelical disapproval Darwinism yet survives on Shankill.”

  • Dave

    Georgian balustrade; Victorian street lamp; two-tier Renaissance fountain; Louvre window shutters; Spanish roof tiles on the porch (contrasting with the nondescript tiles on the roof), and two styles of PVC soffit moulding… geez, how not to tart-up your council house.

    (Oh yeah, and the local DUP MLA).

  • circles

    PP “Slightly off topic but that gorilla can often be seen wearing an Orange sash during the summer months.”

    Ahhh Paul, I think theres a good chance your mistaken. The creature you may have seen around the 12th is the legendary abominable Orangeman. He does resemble this gorilla but has a bowler hat and brolly that makes him unmistakeable.

  • Democratic

    “C’ Company embrace the idea of Gorilla warfare”

    Has to be the winner surely……

  • Ulster McNulty

    “Bellevue feud escalates, many flee to west Belfast”

  • circles

    If it is, I’ll be having half those winnings or you’ll be hearing from my lawyer Demo!

    All of this reminds me of the latest film being made in Belfast, based on one woman’s observations of the native weekend wildlife come nightfall – “Gorillas on the piss”.

  • veritas

    Granny highlights her steroid abuse..

  • Rory Carr

    “Protection money shown to be for the protection of wildlife species after all!”

    “You think I’m ugly – you wanna get a gander at hisself inside!”

  • Seimi

    Shankill resident’s new ‘gorilla bath’ attracts its first specimen…

  • Seimi

    ‘The lower Shankill Road.’

    The Upper Shankill Road has a much better class of primate 🙂

  • Seimi

    Me Johnny – you Gina…

  • Rory Carr

    “Bijou terraced cottage. VGC. Exc. decrtve. cond. All mod cons. GCH. 2 beds. Bthrm/fitted shwr. Built in bar w/Fitted pool table. Thru kitch/lnge. Tasteful gable painting. Easy access to zoological gardens.” £250.99 ono”

  • Seimi

    Shankill resident gets the concept of ‘spanking the monkey’ totally wrong….

  • Seimi

    Spate of banana thefts on Shankill…suspect caught on CCTV

  • The Third Policeman

    Turns out it was Beauty Shankilled the Beast.

    One for fans of the film there.

  • Seimi

    George W. Bush ends his 2nd term in office by visiting Belfast…

  • Not even one Catholic spotted on Shankill joke 55 posts in? Disappointed.

  • Seimi

    Catholic spotted on the Shankill…

  • Seimi


  • Seimi

    Gorilla at centre of Shankill garden decoration furore – It was like this when I got here!!

  • Seimi

    ‘Listen love, I built that wall the way you wanted it. You pay peanuts….’

  • pacman

    Shankhill resident submits entry to the 2009 Turner Prize.


    TUV gears up for European elections.

  • Dave

    “Angry left-winger defends working class ‘culture’ from hurtful middle class commentators.”

  • Billyo

    ‘Canny Prods set trap and watch sectarian sluggerites line up to fall in’.

  • Dave

    “Obese woman mistakes husband’s miracle hair restorer for bath foam.”

    Warning! Sectarian-ish comments below:


  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    First official sighting of the elusive Garden-Center-Prod made in Shankill area.

  • Dave

    It wasn’t that sectarian-ish!

    “Change two percent of its DNA and it’d be an Slugger Moderator.” 😉

  • circles

    6 ft plastic gorilla put in lower shankill garden by house occupant for a laugh

  • Dave

    Circles, it’s obviously there to delight passing kids – and there’s no harm and plenty of good in that. It’s the adults who seem to be a bit anal about it. PC society and all that.

  • Seimi

    ‘Canny Prods set trap and watch sectarian sluggerites line up to fall in’. Billyo

    Can you show me one single sectarian comment on this thread? I mean a comment that isn’t a piss-take? It was a caption competition ffs. Would you prefer if the gorilla was on the Falls, so then you could write something amusing? Because that could be deemed as bein’ a bit…ye know…sectarian in itself…

    If you’re havin a problem with this, just substitute the word Shankill for Falls. Ye see? It’s actually quite funny 🙂

  • Earnan

    “C’ Company embrace the idea of Gorilla warfare”


  • Seimi

    Son of Kong says ‘I’ll get me da for ye!’

  • ggn

    “Credit Crunch Bites – ‘I can’t afford to shave Johnny any more’ – Gina.

  • Seimi

    or –

    Forget Jack Black, where’s Captain Black these days?

  • Seimi

    I know!


    Gotta win it!

  • latcheeco

    Oh, I’m the king of the musclemen,
    The Shankill V.I.P
    But times are hard ’cause Jackie chased
    us boys from company c

    I wanted to be a chuckie
    And fight all over town
    But the taigs now rule the roads and schools
    and most of County Down.

    OO-OO-OO I wanna be like you OO-OO
    Walk like you, talk like you.. and Gerry too

  • NP

    Lower Shankill goes APE !!! read all about it weeks too late in next months “Shankill Mirror”

    We have our finger on the pulse…..

  • Seimi

    Ooops! I had a comment edited!
    I meant no harm by it, I thought it was generally in the vein of what was goin’ on. Could the moderator who moderated me please explain the reason for the moderation? It was just a piss-take, and thought it would be taken as such. If it offended anyone, I apologise.

  • Dewi

    I can feel it coming in the air….where’s me chocolate?

  • blinding

    Even King Kong’s not that big around here and as

    for Santa he is just hanging on by his coat tails!

  • RepublicanStones

    The Gorilla thought the elf suit a little too snug round the privates !

  • Seimi

    Can someone please explain to me why a couple of my posts were removed? E-mail me the reason please.

    Thank you.

  • Celina

    Bulls, bears, stags, and lame ducks have not worked.
    Send for the gorilla.

  • latcheeco

    Loyalist weapons: the 800 pound gorilla in the room