“that is a significant change of power balance between OFMDFM and Ministers..”

A heated debate in the Northern Ireland Assembly today with references to “irresponsible ministers” and “half-truths and worse”. They were debating the accelerated passage of the attempted power grab by the semi-detached polit-bureau that is the Financial Assistance Bill. Stormont Live featured heavily on it too and it was the Alliance Party’s Naomi Long who was most effective in detailing the potential problems of “a piece of legislation that hasn’t even been agreed by the Executive..” [Nevermind, the First and deputy First Minister have agreed it – Ed]

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  • wild turkey


    Is that the Finacial (sp?) or Fanatical Assitance Bill?

    …anyway if the First and Deputy First Ministers have agreed it, well it must be honky dory? Any idea, or bet,when are the redundancy notices going out to non-OFTDUM ministers?

  • Pete Baker

    Cheers, wt.

    That should be corrected now.

  • DC

    Ah yes, these are the two first ministers who haven’t even necessitated to put themselves to the assembly for backing of their leadership credentials.

    Pretty much self-appointed, well not discounting the nominating officer of each ‘very democratic’ party telling the speaker to accept it.

    So, do you really expect anything else especially after St Andrews when they ripped out the need for cross-community vote because knowingly they wouldn’t get it.

    At the time, Paisley and McGuinness contemporaneously speaking would be the last two people you would want heading up NI, they knew it, we all knew it, so they removed that little obstacle didn’t they.

    Well let’s hope for a smooth transition to a better and firmer democracy…

  • That should be corrected now.

    How about that polit-bureau again?

  • Brian Walker

    Naomi explained the issues brilliantly I thought. Interesting to see how the Executive will configure if they ever get around to tackling academic selection where the politics are quite different. Not to mention J&P;eventually.

  • AJJM

    The Executive has already marginalised the Assembly. Now the OFMDFM want to marginalise the executive. I for one am absolutely disgusted. Do Robinson and McGuiness have no shame?