Gerry Juniors still need to believe…

I SUSPECT that the Gregory Campbell graphic on Ogra SF’s website led Jim Wells to discover the Gerry Juniors are to visit the Narrow Water site where the IRA slaughtered 18 British soldiers. Ghoulish and crass, though not unexpected of the puerile SF youth wing. Tactically, it was a well-executed (literally) IRA op, but then so was Loughgall, and I don’t recall Young Unionist history field trips to the site of where the SAS wiped out the South Tyrone Brigade. To be honest, Ogra always seemed in need of some distraction in case they remember a united Ireland is no nearer now than when the IRA launched its Warrenpoint operation in 1979.

  • Conchuir O Fearain

    I’l get back to ya.

    You must be in an awful rush.

    Chill out folks, its only a wee trip, people are just readin into it too much.

    And dont bother doing the whole grammer check thing on

  • Democratic

    “Chill out folks, its only a wee trip, people are just readin into it too much”
    Might I suggest Portrush next time for the picnic party – nearer the summer months of course…..

  • darth rumsfeld

    “It was not a celebration but it was an educational trip.”

    .. and what did the professors tell the eager-to-learn students? The futility of war? The fact that pain has no boundaries?
    Was a prayer said for the dead?
    Naturally an educator would present both sides of the “argument” to allow free and willing young minds to draw their own conclusions..

    Nah. It was none of those.
    When you’re in a crater, stop digging

  • Conchuir O Fearain

    1st of all democratic,, i reli dont mind, if you want to invite us up, its not mi decision of course.
    And du you know what darth, it doesnt matter, coz, its nothin ta du with ya, you all seem to forget the cruelty of the brits, and loyalist paramillitaries. As you say, two sides to the argument.

  • 2 far

    “When you’re in a crater, stop digging”

    ya mean like the crater our boys left in Warrenpoint??

    Tiochfaidh at la!!!!!!

  • darth rumsfeld

    er…would the last poster not be better learning to spell correctly the only three words of Irish he probably knows as a starting point on his long journey to becoming a decent human being

    It’s everything to do with me, and everyone in Northern Ireland, since the suffering of one diminshes us all. I’m sorry you choose to gloat at death. Still, it shows clearly how far shinners are from nbeing fit for government. The balaclava has slipped…

  • Democratic

    What a shocker – provo juniors really are little bigots……who-da-thunkit!

  • Conchuir O Fearain

    True, i dont wish to glorify murder, not one bit, but have we not moved on. Im sure there are trips for Unionists to places of intrest. Thats all this was. Also i think 2far, went too far, we all need to move foward. Sinn Fein deserve to be in government. In a democratic election, the electorate voted them in,, its simple.

  • Democratic

    “Have we not all moved on?” – Lol – apparently not it seems judging by the need for such a “visit” in the first place by the youth wing of the perpetrators no less……

    Yeah I was thinking a UDA youth trip to Loughgall for a bit of an “educational” should now be on the cards – for purely historical purposes only you understand…..seeing that we have all “moved on” – carry outs optional.

  • John

    It will be interesting to see if this topic comes up at thew Youth Party debate in St Marys University College on Monday!

    hopefull it will have a bit more sense than what OSF have shown here!

  • Conchuir O Fearain

    Aah well done democratic, you have truly showed that, the unionist are still bigoted aswel, so now who should be in government???
    Well done.