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Bishop of Cloyne Bishop John Magee has accepted responsibility for dangerous child protection practices after a report by the NBSC, found the Cloyne diocese had failed vulnerable children

The report did not investigate the allegations of child sex abuse , but investigated how the Diocese of Cloyne handled the allegations. The report examined two cases, of credible child sex abuse against two priests in the diocese and again according to theIrish Examiner one of its conclusions

was that children “have been placed at risk of harm… through the inability of that diocese to respond appropriately… It failed to act effectively to limit the access to children by individuals against whom a credible complaint of child sexual abuse was made”. In any man’s language that means that the diocese, headed by Bishop Magee, did not do what they should have done to protect innocent and vulnerable children.

Pete notes the Churchs view point.

Your report seriously wrongs the Diocese of Cloyne and our committee. Therefore, if you issue this report in its present form or include its distortions in your forthcoming annual report, we shall have no choice but to seek remedies in either ecclesiastical or secular courts or both.

Bishop Magee as Bishop of Cloyne is responsible for how the diocese handled the abuse allegations. Since this report has been published there is considerable anger and there has been calls for his resignation. One priest has walked from Cobh to Dublin in atonement for clerical child sexual abuse. The Bishop shows no sign of resigning…